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Specializing in providing total, customized solutions to the Cordage and Infrastructure Industry world-wide, Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd. is a market driven organization, with Customer Delight’ at the core of all that it does
Every member of GWRL is committed to conforming to stringent norms and specifications demanded in global markets. The focus is on thorough understanding of the customer’s needs before determining the product / service specifications that will best cater to them. Our philosophy for customer servicing is persistent commitment to quality, focus on R&D, well equipped manufacturing facilities and deep understanding of customer needs
Coupled with our focus on customer, we also believe in creating value for all our stake holders in an environment that fosters enterprise within and outside the organization
Provide innovative, application focused solutions to enhance value of our customers globally
Core Values
• Continuously improve our products & services to become more preferred partner of our share holders
• Own the process of delivering results with entrepreneurial spirit & joy of working in an empowering environment
• Enhance stake holder value through profitable growth in sales & earnings
• Enhance our family bond with the employees & business partners through fair & equitable dealings as well as constant communications

Fishing Net


GWRL is one of the largest producers of HDPE nets in the world. The impeccable fishing nets it manufactures at its modern, integrated manufacturing facility are sold in more than 40 countries in the world
A seamless integration of technology, manufacturing facilities, trained operators, engineers, best shop floor management practices means that you get product, which is peerless
We manufacture the fishnets with precision and finesse to bring you product, which delivers more benefits than any other make

• Manufactured from Specialized Polymers to enhance performance for successful operations in demanding conditions
• Distinctive combination of Highest Knot Breaking Length and Excellent Abrasion Resistance delivers durability and strength ensuring consistent performance of the trawl - voyage after voyage
• Ideal Twine Geometry results in lower operating costs and excellent abrasion resistance
• Hydrodynamic nets are easier to tow, reduce fuel consumption and improve resistance to wear and tear
• Braided twine having Compact Construction restricts mud penetration and provides les drag
• Thermo Stabilized for dimensional uniformity and stability of the meshes

• Olivene MK 3 is manufactured from bonded filaments. Construction prevents mud penetration in the core of twine. This results in longer life for the netting under demanding fishing conditions
• Manufactured from Olivene MK3 braided twine having bonded filaments in the cover for restricting mud penetration and mesh size stability
• Improved Abrasion Resistance and high Knot Breaking Strength as compared to conventional HDPE Braided Nettings
• Compact Construction of the Olivene MK3 Nettings improves the performance in severe conditions
• Manufactured from specialized raw material with high molecular length to increase effectiveness in operations
• Thermo Stabilized for dimensional uniformity and stability of the meshes
• Unique Identification: Green + 2 Orange Tracer Yarns in Cover

Net Assembly

Activities & Future Plans
• Purse Seine Net- for Capelin, Menhaden, Sardine, Mackerel, Anchovy
• Partially assembled Purse Seine nets
• Salmon cage in knotted and knotless netting
  a) Circular Cage, b) Square Cage, c) Hexagonal Cages, d) Hexa conical Cages
• Cod cages in knotted nylon and sapphire braided netting
• Tuna cages in Nylon braided netting
• Shrimp trawls and try trawls
• Pelagic and bottom trawl bellies
• Small Pelagic Codends
• Codends for shrimp and fish trawls
• Spare assembled panels for Purse seine net
• Other assembled products like cork line, nylon eyes, bait bags etc
• Mouth portion of Semi pelagic nets
• Partially assembled mouth portion of pelagic nets
• Bigger fishing bottom trawls

Purse Seine Nets
Aquaculture Nets
Fully Assembled Trawls
Other Products

• Partially Assembly Products
a) Pot nets
b) Knotted and Knotless Spare panels
c) Purse Seine Panels
d) Tuna Panels
• Gill nets/ Trammel nets
• Other nets
a) Cork Lines
b) Cast nets
c) Traps
d) Bait Bags


3 Strand Ropes
GWRL offers a wide range of 3 strand hawser laid and 4 strand shroud laid ropes for a variety of applications such as Fishing, Shipping, Ports, Shipbuilding Yards, Stevedoring, Defense, Material Handling, Construction, Electricity Boards and various other Industrial Applications
Garfil 3 strand ropes are made from
High Density Poly Ethylene Monofilament yarn (HDPE)
Poly Propylene Split Film / Parapro Tape
Poly Propylene Mono & Multi Filament (PPMF)
Polyester Multi Filament Yarn
Polyamide (Nylon)
Poly Propylene / Polyester Combination Ropes

Garfil 8 Strand mooring Ropes are made from:
PP Multifilament Yarn
Polypropylene Split Film / Parapro Tape.
Polyester Multifilament Yarn
Polypropylene-Polyester dual fiber (Maxiflex) yarn
PP Monofilament Yarn
Polyamide Multifilament Yarn

Poly Propylene Multi Filament Yarn

We manufacture Garlon High Tenacity Polypropylene Multi Filament Yarn from the State of Art Spinning Facilities out of European Machines with a Tenacity range of 7 to 8 gpd from 210 D up to 6000 D and upwards for various Industrial Applications like Geo Fabrics, Industrial Fabrics, Sewing Thread for FIBC, HDPE & PP woven Sack Manufacturing, Fertilizers, Chemical Sugar, Flour Mills, Rice, Wheat and Other Industries for Bag Closing, Doll Hair in different colors, Ropes and Cordages, Shoe Stitching, PVC Hose Pipe Reinforcement
Two and multiple Plied Twines made out of Garlon PPMF yarn are also manufactured by us for the above different applications and as per the customer’s needs
Garlon PPMF can also be tried to replace conventional Cotton, Rayon, Nylon and Polyester for other applications and our R & D Team shall be glad to work in tandom for such development work

Garfil Rope Articles

• Cargo Nets
• Gangway Nets
• Helipad Nets
• Safety Nets
• Boulder Nets
• Gabions
• Rope Ladders
• Slings

Sports Nettings

• Heat set fabric of netting
• High shock resistance of netting
• Unique technique of Double Top six stitching
• UV treated
• Certified quality accessories
• Exported all over the world
• Used in major International Tournaments
• Better knot stability
• Developed as per International Standards
• Tailor made and customized as per requirements
Badminton Net Basket Ball Net Tennis Net

Mooring Ropes

Features Benifits
High retention of breaking strength after continuous cyclic loading (highest TCII value under standard lest conditions) Highly durable;
Long life proves cost effective
Special dual-fibre composition Excellent abrasion resistance and strength
Torque-free, balanced construction Retains flexibility after prolonged use. Excellent economy
Law elongation Added safety due to low snap back
Retains breaking strength in wet conditions More cost effective than nylon
High energy absorption; heat generated from cyclic loading dissipated due to composite fibre construction Prevents rope iron breaking due to melting
High ultraviolet stability, Unaffected by acids and alkalis Long life
Salient Features
• Improved Breaking Strength by 25% as compared to Maxiflex Rope of same size
• Maxima Polyester Combination rope having density lower than 1 hence floats on water
• Covered with Polyester yarn for good Abrasion Resistance
• Good Shock Absorption Properties
• Low snap-back thus very safe for operation
• No drop in breaking strength even in wet conditions
• Specialty resin treated for longer life
Advantages of MaxiGold Ropes
• Does not sink in water, hence does not get entangled in propeller shaft
• Downsizing possible as breaking strength is higher by 25%
• Longer life as impregnated with high performance resins

SPM Hawsers

Salient Features of SPM Hawsers
• The SPM hawser will be a Single / Double Leg Grommet type assembly made of Nylon / Maxiflex (up to 120 mm dia.) 8 strand Braided rope
• PE braided netting with copper and steel wire to reduce algae growth and protection from predators
• The Length of the Hawser assembly will be maintained as required
• The ropes will be manufactured, inspected and tested in accordance with OCIMF guidelines 2000 - First edition
• The New Dry Breaking Strength of the rope would be verified by Third Party Surveyor i.e. Lloyd’s Register Asia
• For double leg grommet assembly, the calculated assembly strength will be 1.7 times of the New Dry Breaking Strength of the rope
• The TCLL (Thousand Cycle Load Level) value as determined by prototype cyclic load procedure described in OCIMF will be 75.63 % of NWBS (New Wet Breaking Strength) for Maxiflex ropes and 50 % for Nylon ropes
• The material of the rope will be composite fiber i.e. Mix of Polyester and Polypropylene for Maxiflex and 100 % Nylon for Nylon ropes
• For double leg systems the legs will be tied / seized together at minimum 7 places for an length of 1.2 m each
• For double leg grommet, each leg will have an end for end splice in the center thus balancing the total assembly
• The rope will form soft eyes at each end. The ends will have a polyurethane encapsulated Cast Steel Thimble
IS 1030 : 1998 Gr. 230 – 450 W grade
• The soft eyes of the ropes at the end can also be provided with reusable monel bollard K - 400 grade and Bell mouth thimbles IS 2062 grade
• The Thimbles and Monel blocks are ultrasonically tested. The Thimbles are Hot dip Galvanized to suit marine conditions
• Rope legs inside the Bell Mouth Thimble will be covered with Polyurethane coated Polyester fabric for chafe protection
• In case of Cast steel thimble, PU encapsulation shall be provided inside the thimble to prevent chafing
• Additional optional protection such as PU cloth protection / Leather covering / Rubber sleeve can be provided as per customer’s desire
• Lace on type pocket hawser floats will be provided over the length of the Hawser at regular intervals so as to have at least 20 % reserve buoyancy to support the rope in sea
• For double leg systems a double collar float will be provided over the Spliced portion of the rope
• Internationally recognized Factor for splice reduction in double leg grommet, supporting documents is enclosed

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