Plastic 55 Gallon drums, Plastic containers, Plastic sheets, Disposable Food Packaging Containers

Plastic Drums, Plastic Containers, Disposable food packaging containers, 55 gallon drums
Plastic Drums, Plastic Containers, Disposable food packaging containers, 55 gallon drums
About Us
Pragati Polyplast India Private Limited (Formerly Pragati Switches Private Limited) was started in the year 1993 and was the first to cater to the plastic packaging requirements of the growing bulk drug and chemical industries of Andhra Pradesh. The promoters started another company Plasticon Industries in the year 2001 to manufacture plastic blow moulded containers of 210 ltrs size. It is the only group in Andhra Pradesh to manufacture such a wide range of plastic blow moulded containers ranging from 100 ml to 220 Litres capacity. PPIPL then developed double layer plastic blow moulded containers of low weight, low price which are widely being used for storage of water, grains etc. Injection moulding division Pragati Plastiks was started in 2007 to manufacture plastic injection moulded products and to cater to in-house requirements. Pragati Plastoform Private Limited was started in Feb 2008 to manufacture sheets and thermoformed products for food packaging. The group has 4 manufacturing facilities equipped with the latest machinery and equipment. Pragati Polyplast Private Limitedís facility is ISO 9001: 2000 certified by American Quality Assessors India Limited.

Products - plastic containers, 55 gallon drums...

Plastic Drums and Plastic Containers

PSPL manufactures a variety of small, intermediate and large plastic drums to meet customers' needs. All our plastic 55 gallon drums are extrusion blow moulded from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene (HMW-HDPE) in ONE operation, using the very latest technology. Our plastic 55 gallon drums are manufactured using to meet the stringent demands of chemical compatibility with hazardous and non-hazardous products as well as reliability and safety requirements.

Plastic Sampling Bottles

PSPL has specially designed small plastic sampling bottles of 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml sizes for storing controlled samples. These plastic sampling bottles are of the same shape as that of the bigger plastic drums and of the same material (HDPE) as that used in the plastic drums. Plastic Sampling Bottles

Open Mouth Plastic Containers

PSPL has a wide variety of Open Mouth (Full Open Top) Plastic containers for filling powders, granular or paste type goods. Open Mouth Plastic Containers are available in a complete range of 6-220 litre sizes. They can be easily opened and closed and the lid incorporates a rubber gasket and a galvanized iron or plastic closing clamp, drop side handles are fitted as standard on 6-120 litre sizes, and a few with an option of inset hand holds on both. We also manufacture double layered plastic containers for added strength which offer better aesthetic appeal. Open Mouth Plastic Containers

Wide Mouth Plastic Containers

These are best suited for packaging of semi viscous products and also agricultural products. They have a wide mouth to enable easy filling and emptying of containers. Wide Mouth Plastic Containers

Narrow Mouth Plastic Containers

Narrow Mouth Plastic Containers designed especially for the carriage of liquids, Narrow mouth plastic containers are ideal for most chemicals and foodstuffs, including many hazardous products. They have been thoroughly proven over many years, used by leading food and chemical manufacturers. Narrow Mouth Plastic Containers

Plastic Square Drums

Plastic Square Drums save space by utilizing the gaps that appear with conventional drums, thus saving transportation cost. Due to the increased filling volume more number of Plastic Square Drums can be fitted on one pallet compared to the conventional drums. Plastic Square Drums

Disposable Food Packaging Thermoformed Products/ Disposable Food Packaging Containers

Pragati offers a wide range of disposable food packaging thermoformed from food grade virgin polymer. The products offer excellent hygiene and convenience, utility and economy. The range of products includes cups, bowls, glasses, containers and more for packaging for ice creams, curd, lassi, milk, water, take away foods etc. All the products can be manufactured in multiple colours. Facility includes those for rim rolling (Rimming) and multi colour dry offset printing.

Disposable Cups

We offer a wide variety of disposable cups in various shapes and sizes. These disposable cups can be made in any colour with option of multicolour printing on the outside surface. Disposable cups are used for packaged ice creams, curds, basundi, food service etc. Disposable Cups

Disposable Glasses

We offer a wide variety of disposable glasses in various shapes and colors and textures. Disposable Glasses can be made in both double and single colors with option of multicolour printing on the outside surface. Disposable Glasses are used for packaged lassi, cold drinks, juices and other hot and cold beverages for marriages, parties, functions etc.. Disposable Glasses

Disposable Plates and Disposable Trays

We offer thermoformed PP/ HIPS Disposable Trays in all colors. These disposable trays can be used for various purposes like packing Sweets, Doodh Peda, Biryani, Curries, Biscuits and other confectionary foods, Fish, Chicken, and other take away meals etc. Sizes for disposable trays currently available are 250gms and 500gms. Disposable Plates and Disposable Trays

Plastic Sheets

We offer Plastic Sheets from 0.3mm to 1.6mm thickness with a maximum width of 680mm. Upto three layers are possible in various single and double colors. Plastic Sheets can be made in HIPS and PP materials. These Plastic Sheets can be used for Thermoforming, Vacuum Forming, Stationery Products like Plastic Files, folders, Cards and Album Covers, and various other Gift items like Caps etc Plastic Sheets

We also manufacture Agricultural Spray Tanks

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