Mico Plast Industries Private Ltd. is a pioneer in flexible plastic packaging conversion in the Southern States of India. The Company is the largest manufacturer of plain plastic bags, printed plastic bags & pouchesfor packaging in Southern India. Mico Plast Industries houses the finest state of art machineries for the manufacture of plain printed poly bag products, Flexo printed poly products and Rotogravure printed polybag products. The customers rely on Mico Plast Industries due to the commitment to quality of packaging materials, process method and service. As part of Mico Plast Industries' endurance to serve the industry with right solution, we have invested in printing equipments, lamination equipments, slitting equipments and bag making equipments of new generation.
Mico Plast Industries has earned a high reputation and built a demanding customer base, manufacturing the following products.
LDPE Bags/ PP Plastic Bags/ HM Bags.
LDPE Lay Flat Tubes/ PP Lay Flat Tubes/ HM Lay Flat Tubes.
LDPE Sheets/ PP Sheets / HM Sheets.
Multi Colour Flexo printed carry bags/ Roto printed carry bags.
PET Laminated pouches/BOPP Laminated pouches/Poly Laminated pouches/Foil Laminated pouches/CPP
  Laminated pouches/Paper Laminated pouches.
Stand-up pouches
Zipper pouches
Retort pouches

Extrusion: Mico Plast operates wide ranges of high-speed plastic extrusion machines to extrude following materials.
Polypropylene (PP) films
High molecular High Density PE (HM-HDPE) films
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) films
The PP, HM-HDPE and LDPE films are extruded by the rotating platform process, which ensures uniform thickness of the bags, flat tubes, sheets, carry bags, laminated pouches, stand-up pouches, zipper pouches and retort pouches. In these machines poly rolls of PP having the width ranging from 4 inches to 28 inches and HM of width ranging from 4 inches to 48 inches with thickness varying from 20 microns to 200 microns can be extruded in transparent form and also by using master batch colours. These products are extruded from virgin raw materials, hence these are recyclable and eco-friendly.

Printing: Mico Plast has installed wide ranges of flexographic printing presses / Rotogravure printing presses to print various designs on poly bags, shopping carry bags, polyester film, BOPP film, and the like. Mico Plast has flexographic printing press ranging from 2 colours to 10 colours and top end Rotogravure printing press for 8 colour press and 6 colour press. The versatile Flexographic printing presses and Rotogravure printing presses have intrinsic qualities like high glass, fast setting, better dot gain, reproduction and trouble free performance while printing.

Lamination: Mico plast operates the latest high performance lamination machine to laminate various poly films, foil and paper. The company has fully integrated in-house equipments to provide high quality flexible packaging solution for various application like processed food, instant mix, confectionery snacks, masalas, salts, grocery items, sea foods, chemicals, detergents, frozen meat products, garments and the like.

BAG MAKING: We have wide range of bag making machines to manufacture
Die cut poly bags/ D punch poly bags
Loop handle poly bags
Hanger poly bags
Side sealing poly bags/ bottom sealing poly bags
Side gussets poly bags/ bottom gusset poly bags
With flap poly bags/ sealing poly bags
T-shirt bags

To achieve our vision, Mico Plast endeavours:
Cost-effective solutions for the safe delivery of packaging products to the consumer by applying and adopting
  techno updates.
Constantly focus on customer needs.
Better packaging products help deliver a better product to the consumer.
To emerge as a leader, in providing Total Flexible Packaging Solutions.

Mico Plast Industries pursues its long terms strategy of exploring potential investment in enhancing the value of packaging. With its emergence as a strategic commodity and with its application in virtually every aspect of the life, the future for the flexible packaging material industry is here to stay. Top

Mico Plast excels in delivering high quality flexible packaging products. With high-speed extrusion, printing presses and conversion process under one roof, delivery time is reduced. Mico Plast manufactures products against order with the highest standard to suit the required application. We focus constantly on consumer need and ensure that our packaging solution comes to you at a very affordable price without compromising on quality. Mico Plast believes that a better packaging helps deliver a better product to the consumer.

Flexible packaging is steadily taking over rigid packaging, as it is easy to handle, delivers better graphics, occupies lesser space in the stores and enhances the shelf life of the product with its protective multiplayer packaging including Laminated Rolls, Stand up Pouch, Zipper lock Pouch, Retort Pouch LDPE Films & HMHD Rolls, PP / BOPP Films, Printed Shopping Bags, T-Shirt Bags and Adhesive Tape.

Food Packaging:
Application: Tea, Coffee, Spices, Edible Oil, Jam, Jelly, Ketchup, Pickles, Biscuits, Potato Chips, etc.

Industrial Packaging:

Application: Automobiles, Lubricant, 2T Oil, Spare parts, Grease, etc.,

Agro Packaging:
Application: Pesticides, Fertilizers, Rice, Pulses, Spices, Dry Fruits etc.,

Dry / Frozen Foods:
Application: Sea Foods, Meat, Ice Creams, Ice Candy, etc.,

Shopping carry bags:
Application: Retail outlets, Super Markets, Hyper Markets, Export Packing, etc.

Pharma Packaging:
Application: Tablets, syrup, Antiseptic Lotion, Cotton Buds, etc.,

Toiletry Packaging:
Application: Tablets, syrup, Antiseptic Lotion, Cotton Buds, etc., Top

All the packaging operations of Mico Plast are carried out by strict supervision by the floor supervisor to ensure the efficiency at every stage of the manufacturing process. After the completion of each process, the supervisors check the products and later dispatch it to the customers. Mico Plast Industries' commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us the loyalty of our customers and has led us to a path of continuous growth. Top

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Contact Person Mr. Naresh Chajjed
Address No.55 The Vyasarpadi Co-Op Industrial Estate, Vyasarpadi, Chennai 600 039
Contact Number +91 - 44 - 25523925 / 25523965
Contact Number +91 - 44 - 25523307
Email micoplast@eth.net
Website http://www.micoplastindustries.com
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