ITIB - Corrugators, Corrugated Pipe Machinery

ITIB can boast of more than 40 years of experience in making machinery for Corrugated Thermoplastic pipes. Experience, innovation and the cultural heritage of Italy gives them a leading edge over their competitors. Our customers can rely on us for any solution to their problems pertaining to Corrugated Pipes Materials and Manufacturing. We offer Corrugators to produce Single Wall and Double Wall Pipes ranging from 6 mm Ø to 630 mm Ø Moreover our machines are sturdy, economical and extremely easy to operate. Our major customers have several lines with repeat orders which prove our ability to satisfy all our customers' needs. ITIB is a sound choice for any Corrugated Pipe Manufacturer. ITIB - making machinery for Corrugated Thermoplastic Pipes, Corrugators, Corrugated Pipe Machinery
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