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Manufacturer of Filler master batch for wovens sacks, PP/HD Tapes, Transparent Lamination, LD liners etc.
Woven Sacks, FIBC Jumbo Bags, HM Liner & Kirnana Bags / Grocery Bags, Tarpaulins
Quality Filler Master Batch from House of Polyfill Plastic Industries offers wide range of Filler master batch for Wovens Sacks, HDPE Bags, PP/HD Tapes, Transparent Lamination & LD liners. It meets all Technical requirements for balancing high speed, Elongation, Productivity and above all cost reduction. It gives value addition to the product and user. Supported by Hi Tech Technocrats, R & D facilities, with latest technology and meeting global standards. Regular Quality Consistency has given wide acceptance in local and export markets.

Highest Loading Performance
Polyfill HDFILL consists of superior fine Calcium Carbonate Blended with Specialty Polymer and additives, allowing much higher loading compared to conventional filler master-batches. It can be loaded from 35% up to 50% in HDPE/LDPE Blown film used in Carry Bags of 15 to 30 Microns. Since, Loading of our filler upto maximum level doesn't affect too much the tensile strength of the final product, you can fill the product upto the extreme level. The loading level depends on machine, tolerance acceptable to final products, processing conditions, type of raw materials etc. Better results are found when preheating process of raw materials is followed before extrusion.
• Cost benefits: High loading for HDPE/LDPE Film/Bags gives Considerable Cost reduction.
• Production Increase: Increases production more than 10% compared to any other filler in the market.
• Quality benefits: Produced on advanced manufacturing equipments under stringent quality control ensuring consistency in every lot. Powder formation is much lower compared to conventional filler master-batches. It is one of the best grades of filler master-batches for HDPE/LDPE Carry Bags.


Woven Sacks

Woven Sacks
LL-3 20% - 25% High Line Speed. 400-800 Deniers
LL-8 25% - 30% High Line Speed. Above 800 Deniers

FIBC Jumbo Bags

FIBC Jumbo Bags
• Can be processes at High speed, Higher impact and without water carrying
• No dust formation on tape plant as mere and looms
• Lowers mean and tear of machine part
• Increases out of tape plant by 5.7%
• Dosage recommended 5.15%. as per denier

HM Liner & Kirnana Bags / Grocery Bags

• Better transparency
• Smooth run ability, no carbon deposition on die and punch
• High dart impact
• Increases principality


• No delaminating at high dosage
• Increases mat effect better flexibility
• Higher out put dosage 15 to 30%
Products: Woven Sacks | FIBC Jumbo Bags | HM Liner & Kirnana Bags / Grocery Bags | Tarpaulins
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