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Polygraph is synonymous with Printing Machines in the Indian Sub Continent
1989 We built the first immensely successful 6 Color Flexo Printing Press in India. Machine offered close to optimum speed and registration in the Indian market.
1992 Pioneered the manufacture of 8 colour Twin Type Flexo Printing Press machines.
1996 Achieved a breakthrough in upgradation up to 12 colors in Flexo. Amongst the first innovative twin 6 colour machines that can cohesively print 12 colour. A revolution in itself.
2001 Launched the Millennium Series, internationally appreciated for its quality performances. Still accounts for the highest demand among international clients.
2004 Eliminated the issue of high speed job monitoring by innovating a Web Monitoring System for Flexo Press Machines. Showcased and Praised at K 2004 held in Germany. Made a grand reentry into Rotogravure Press Machines after extensive client demand. Launched a set of new age Rotogravure Press Machines with revamped advanced designs. They created quite a flutter in the industry with their Par excellence quality and Performance. Top
Product & Services
Our Flexographic Printing Press
The Drying System - Specially modified and easier to operate Drying system. It can attain maximum temperature. Quick drying. Higher printing speed. Substrates Printable - Corona Treated Plastic Films, HMHDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, Polypropylene, Polyester, Pearlised Polyester, B.O.P.P., Pearlised B.O.P.P., Thin Foam Sheets, Paper and Aluminum Foils etc.
Forward inching facility (Jogging)
Auto stop for Web break
Temperature controller for heater ensures power saving
Individual air controller for each station
Impression rollers and Anilox Rollers are dynamically balanced, ground and hard chrome plated
Impression rollers and Anilox Rollers are dynamically balanced, ground and hard chrome
Helical gears for reduced play, smooth movement and long life
Silent and powerful drying system

Manual Registration Adjustments:

  Horizontal: +/-15mm with locking
  Vertical: +/-15mm
Web widths 510mm to 1510mm
Print widths 410mm to 1410mm
Printing Repeats 230mm to 1000mm
Printing Possibilities 4+0, 3+1, 2+2, 1+1
Printing Speed 50 meters / minute maximum
Power Requirement

Main Motor - 3-HP.AC

  Blowers - 2-HP.AC and 0.5-HP.AC
  Heating Load - 12 kw
Floor Space Length 5 meters
Width 2.5 meters
Height 2.5 meters
Weight 3,500 kgs (approx)
Optional Features:
Web guide system
Tension control system
Auto throw ON - Throw OFF for plate cylinder
Continuous rotation of inking rollers with hydraulic motors
Lubrication system
Doctor Blade system
Ceramics Anilox Rolls
Exhaust System
Motorized and Synchronized Rewinding stations
Flexographic Printing Press for ZIP LOCK BAGS
Flexo Graphic Printing Press for WOVEN SACKS (Roll to Roll)
Rotogravure Printing Press
150 meter / min Rotogravure Printing Machine
Laminaters / Coaters
Slitters / Rewinders
Inspection / Doctoring machine
Guzzeting Machines Top

Our workspaces are spread over 1, 20, 000 sq. ft. in Vasai, of which 30,000 sq. ft. has been de dedicated to the manufacturing setup. The entire unit is supported by uninterrupted essential services to eliminate delays and ensure quick turnaround time. The state of the art setup is fully equipped with world-class machines imported from Germany and Italy, from manufacturers known for their benchmarking quality standards. These machines in a way reflect the company's commitment to invest in top class infrastructure to build printing machines in India that are among the best in their class worldwide.Top


Our printing machines stand the rigors of usage and deliver optimum performance over their entire lifetime. Of course, we put premium quality into every inch, from the steel to the technology into our printing machines that partner you in your quest for perfection. Your ally in business, leading you towards unbridled growth and profits. Our printing machines are simpler to operate thanks to years of infield research, our printing machines create more efficient and stable processes. Stringent quality and durability tests from component level to assembled machines are to be cleared before any equipment leaves the factory.
Every aspect of our business starts with You, works for You. Be it commitment, service, management or quality. That's the ‘You Technology' working for you at Polygraph. The Polygraph commitment, the eternal advantage on your side. Top

Contact Us
Company Name Polygraph Printing Technologies Ltd.
Contact Person Mr. Apurva Biliye
Address 88, Mistry Industrial Complex, MIDC, Cross Road "A", Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 093.
Contact Number + 91 - 22 - 5693 8055
Email + 91 - 22 - 2687 0021
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