Traders of Nylon-6, Delrin, PBT, Nylon-66, LCP, Estane Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Colour Masterbatches, Additives

Leading Traders of Nylon-6, Delrin, Pbt, Nylon-66, Lcp, Estane Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Medical Grades Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Colour Masterbatches, Additives
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Miku Traders has been serving the polymers industry since last three decades and has been representing various Multinationals and Domestic Companies. The company is associated with the Major Polymer Manufacturers Giants like Lubrizol Advance Materials - USA / Belgium, Evonik Degussa - Germany, Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. - Baroda, E.I. DuPont India Pvt. Ltd. - Mumbai, Plastiblends India Ltd. - Mumbai, Plastichemix Industries – Baroda
Gujarat State Fertilizer And Chemicals Ltd, Baroda Nylon-6
E.I.Dupont India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Delrin, Pbt, Nylon-66, Lcp
Lubrizol Advance Materials, Belgium Estane Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Lubrizol Advance Materials, Usa Medical Grades Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Plastiblends India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Colour Masterbatches and Additives
Plastichemix, Vadodara Colour Masterbatches and Additives

Some of the customers whom we are serving since last three decades include:
• Cello Group Of Companies-Mumbai
• Orpat Limited, Morbi
• Flair Pens, Mumbai
• Today Writing Products, Mumbai
• Barrier Films, Mumbai
• Glory Polyfilms, Mumbai
MISSION: Miku Traders is committed to total customer satisfaction by providing products and services which are delivered and supported in a manner that meets and exceeds customer requirements. We will strive to achieve these goals by encouraging continual improvement in all aspects of our work through leadership, employee involvement and training

Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemical Ltd.

We are the consignee stockist of Gujlon (Nylon-6) for Gujarat, Daman & Silvassa. Gujlon is the registered trade name of Nylon-6 chips manufactured by GSFC. Nylon-6 is tough, lightweight, abrasion resistant, shock resistant, corrosion resistant, heat resistant with higher melting point, low specific gravity, electrical insulation property and dimensional stability
• Precision engineering components, Components for textile machinery, railway, defense and automobile industries, Components for electrical and electronic industries, Components for appliances and consumer goods, Film for packaging of food stuffs, vegetable oils, Monofilaments, rods and pipes, profiles and strapping, Components for hardware, building and furniture industries
Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemical Ltd.

E.I.Dupont India Pvt. Ltd.

DuPont has a comprehensive range of Engineering Plastics and resources to help you meet needs for rugged, economical components and products
• Crastin® PBT polyester resin
• Delrin® acetal resin
• Hytrel® TPC-ET thermoplastic polyester elastomer
• Minlon® mineral reinforced nylon resin
• Rynite® PET polyester resin
• Zenite® liquid crystal polymer
• Zytel® HTN high performance polyamide
E.I.Dupont India Pvt. Ltd.


Continues to impact the TPU industry through the continuous polymers that bridges the gap between rigid plastics and rubbery elastomers

ESTANE® Thermoplastic Polyruthanes

Features: Outstanding Abrasion and Wear Resistance, Excellent Low Temperature Flexibility, Toughness and Durablity, Ease of Processing and Manufacturing Flexibility, Global Availability and Support

ESTALOC® Reinforced Engineering Thermoplastic

Estaloc® Reinforced Engineering Thermoplastics (RETPs) are based on high performance Estane® TPU technology. Estaloc RETPs are reinforced for higher stiffness and provide the strength, dimensional stability, and impact resistance required to withstand a variety of tough applications and abusive environments. Estaloc RETPs are available in a broad modulus range, are easy to process, offer design and finishing flexibility, and provide a balance of properties unmatched by other rigid polymer systems

ESTALOC® Reinforced Engineering Thermoplastic

• Excellent adhesion between the soft over molded elastomer to substrates such as ABS, PVC, PC, PPO/PS, PET, PBT, and of course, TPU, without use of mechanical interlocks or other adhesion promoters. EstaGrip™ TPEs will adhere to nylon with proper tooling design
• Superior scratch, mar, and abrasion resistance
• Dynamic flexibility for lasting comfort
• Outstanding tear resistance
Industries/Markets Served
Automotive, Power and Hand Tools, Hardware, Health Care, Wire and Cable, Consumer, Recreational and Sporting Goods, Material Handling, Telecommunications

Plastiblends India Limited

We are the consignee stockiest of their Colour Masterbatches & Additive Masterbatches for Baroda & Baroda District. Their product range includes Colour Masterbatches, Additives, PET Base Masterbatch, UV Masterbatch, Antistatic Masterbatch, Conductive Compounds, Fillers and Other Tailor Made Masterbatches
Plastiblends India Limited


Plastichemix serves all sectors of the plastic processing industry. The product range is marketed under the brand names “Spectramix”, “Polyadd” and “Polyfill”.


Vestosint® (Nylon 12 or Polyamide 12 Powder)

Evonik Industrie's High Performance Polymers Business Line produces a series of polyamide 12 powders (PA 12 or Nylon 12 Powder) under the trade name VESTOSINT®. The powders are manufactured by a special physical process. The powders feature a nearly round geometry and are used in a variety of processes for coating metal, as fine powders for improving the properties of coatings, and cosmetics, and for producing thermoplastic composites

Vestakeep® (PEEK, Poly Ether Ether Ketone)

Aromatic polyetheretherketone (PEEK) resins for manufacturing components for long-term use in harsh environments. These parts are found, e.g., in the semiconductor processing, oil exploration, industrial, transport, and medical markets. VESTAKEEP® PEEK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic that can be melt processed by all common techniques and is best known for Chemical and environmental inertness, Heat resistance, High heat deflection temperature, Dimensional stability due to low water absorption, High hardness and abrasion resistance, Good strength at elevated temperatures, Good electrical properties, Good radiation resistance, Inherent flame resistance
Include automotive ducts and hoses, seals, and body plugs. Rubber-like flexibility and toughness is retained down to -40°C. Parts made of the new material are highly resistant to oil, grease and chemicals

Gujarat State Fertilizer & Chemical Ltd. - Nylon-6 | E.I.Dupont India Pvt. Ltd. - Acetal | Lubrizole-Estane - Thermoplastic |
Plastiblends India Limited - Masterbatches | Plastichemix - Spectramix | Evonik - PEEK

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