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Pratish Inc. is an authorised distributor of Dupont ® , dealing with Clysar ® Shrink Films.
We have succesfully completed two years of operation. We are an professionally managed company having sales and service network throughout the country, selling the world's best shrink films. The Company provides complete packaging solutions for all primary and secondary needs. The complete range of Shrink Wrapping, Sleeve Wrapping, Auto-Collating and Packaging systemsis available at Pratish Inc .

The Company has now diversified its business under the name of Pratish Packaging Systems by entering into the equipment business along with the existing shrink film business.
The Company represents Tayi Yeh Machinery Co. Ltd. Taiwan which is one
of the largest suppliers of packaging machine in the Asian region.Top
Clysar ® is a strong, clean, biaxially oriented, heatshrinkable, linear low-density polyolefin film which is extremely rugged and durable that provides strong seals and good shrinkage under a wide range of operating conditions. This film is available in 15 microns.
The significant features of this film are:
Food grade (USFDA Approved),
 Very clear, high gloss, sparkle
Extremely tough & strong
Seals do not become brittle with age
A wide heat sealing range
Has high available shrinkage
Minimum dog-ears
Remains durable at freezer temperatures
Does not give out harmful gases & smoke
Pratish Packaging Systems represents Tayi Yeh Machinery Co. Ltd. Taiwan which is one of the largest suppliers of packaging machines in the Asian region. Their product range is as follows:
Semi - Automatic L-Sealer
Automatic L - Sealer
Continues Sealer
Sleeve - Wrapping Machine with Auto Collating
Auto - Collating systems.



The focal point of the Company is its customers. The Company has built relationships based on trust with its customers - thus ensuring their loyalty by providing value.
Efficient utilisation of people, process and material results in cost competency,
the benefits of which are passed on to the Company's customers.
Some of the Company's valued customers are:
Kodak India Ltd.
DB India Ltd.
Baba Audio & Video Top


Contact Person Pratish Inc.                                                     
Mr. Suresh Bohra
AddressA15, Shreyas Industrial Estate, Off. Western Express Highway,  Goregaon (East), Mumbai-400 063,               Maharashtra, India.
Contact Number 91-22-8788629 / 30
Fax 91-22-8729898
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