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Priyadarshini Polysacks a Limited Company is one of the largest HDPE/PP woven Sacks Manufacturer Located in India, started since 1985 with merely four looms setup, which has now reached 250 Looms, Combining four shuttle extruding nearly 10,000 mt per annum. Priyadarshini has continued it's long tradition of manufacturing and supplying of high quality circular woven Polysacks to many Indian & International Companies manufacturing cement, fertilizers, Chemicals, Sugar, Food grains and many more products.We have built our reputation on a commitment to quality, service and reliability with our comprehensive product range,extensive product knowledge.

our mission :
Best Priced Product
Continuous Research & Development
Latest Technology & Infrastructure
Complete Reliability

Top Quality Product

Most Modern Plant & Machinery

Individualized Product Designing
Prompt Product Delivery
100% Customer Satisfaction
Excellent Management Systems

The product offered can be made from HDPE or PP as required and is in the form of finished circular woven sacks printed / un-printed and laminated or un-laminated to suit customers size and requirement corona treated printing offered on request. The material can also be offered in the form of tubular flat fabric in continuous lengths of upto 3000 meters. UV stabilized material can be offered on request.
Over the past several years priyadarshini polysacks ltd has established itself as a leading manufacturer of HPDE/PP woven Sacks. equipped with state-of-art technology and also backed by years of experience Priyadarshini Woven Sacks are the obvious  choice for all.
We are manufacturing woven bags and fabrics, used as an industrial packaging material. These materials are available in different constructions and specifications. For application in many different industries, we have packaging material especially suited to individual needs,  as required and is in the form of finished Circular Woven Sacks printed / unprinted and laminated or unlaminated to suit customer's size and requirements, Corona treated printing also available.. The material can also be offered in the form of Tubular / Flat fabric in continuous lengths. One of our speciality is to manufacture a variety of Box Bags / Bale Wraps widely used for Packing of Staple Fiber used in Europe. UV Stabilized material can be offered on request. Our Products are well accepted in the market by best quality & quick deliveries.Top


FCI (Food Corporation of India) Exports all over the world for packing of wheat,
  rice, cereals & other food products.
L&T Cement
JP Cement
ACC Cement
India Cement
JK Cement
Sourashtra Cement
Siddhi Cement
UltraTech Cement
Sugar Units Entire in India
 Exports sugar packingTop


PRI YADARSHINI Polysacks Ltd. is one of the largest PP Woven Sacks Manufacturing unit located in western Maharashtra, INDIA since 1986. It started with production capacity of merely 600 MT per annum which has reached upto 6000 MT per annum in 2003 and 6000 MT to 10000 MT per annum by 2007. Priyadarshini is now propose to double production capacity from present 6000 MT to 12000 MT per annum.This would enable it to retain its position among India's top bracket woven sacks manufacturers with a turnover exceeding 500 Millions(2003) per annum which will become 1000 millions by 2005,this we target to touch 1500 millions by 2007. Priyadarshini also proposes to manufacture tarpaulin, flexible intermediate bulk containers(FIBC's), geo-synthetic catering to exports as well as domestic market.


We all, at Priyadarshini Polysacks Ltd.hereby take an oath and are committed to enhance Customer Satisfaction by meeting their requirements & to enhance our company's reputation as the " Best Quality Manufacturer ".
We shall achieve this by continual improvement in all areas of operations giving emphasis on outgoing quality level, developing an internal customer concept throughout the organization and reducing overall cost of product and thus help the nation by becoming best exporter, manufacturer & supplier for several sectors such as Cement, Foodgrains, Sugar, Chemicals, etc....

Quality Testing is done under following parameters

 Strength Testing ( Warp & Weft )

 Elongation Testing

 Bags Dimensions ( Length & Width Testing )

 Valve Testing ( Opening & Depth )

 Fabric Mesh Testing

 Bag Weight Testing

 Bag Color Testing

 Printing Tap Testing
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Company Name Priyadarshini Polysack
Contact Person Mr. S .N. Sanghavi
Address F/41, First Floor, Trade Center, Station Road, Kolhapur 416001
Contact Number +91-0231-2655542 / 2661233
Contact Number +91-0231-2652241
Email info@priyabags.com
Website http://www.Priyabags.com
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