PVC Compounds & Masterbatches - Flexible braided PVC pipes, PVC Transparent Tubings, PVC braided hoses

Flexible braided PVC pipes, PVC Transparent Tubings, PVC braided hoses, PVC Flexible Clear Transparent Hoses
PVC Compounds & Masterbatches - Flexible braided PVC pipes, PVC Transparent Tubings, PVC braided hoses, PVC Flexible Clear Transparent Hoses
Flexible braided PVC pipes, PVC Transparent Tubings, PVC braided hoses, PVC Flexible Clear Transparent Hoses
Billion Plastics specializes in all kinds of PVC compounds & masterbatches used in the manufacturing of wires, cables, rigid pipes, fittings, profiles, hoses, pen tubes, shoes, blow molding, etc. Our product range includes: Flexible Braided PVC Pipes, Flexible Corrugated Pipes, PVC Steel Spring Hoses, Flexible Soft PVC Tubing’s, PVC Suction/Delivery Hoses, Flexible Duct/ SWR Hoses, HDPE Pipes (ISI), TPU Tubing etc The market driven, multi-product group known for quality products and customer services comprises of four independent group units named below, dispersed in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Union Territory of Daman.
With regular up gradation and expansion of manufacturing facilities the group is well placed to continue its growth since it caters to the demands of growing industry and expanding market. Keeping abreast of the latest industry trends & products, the group extends the benefits of its energetic team’s efforts and dedication to quality to all its customers. The group uses its global expertise to enhance the competitive advantages at local cost.

Flexible braided PVC pipes, PVC Transparent Tubings, PVC braided hoses, PVC Flexible Clear Transparent Hoses

PVC Transparent Tubings

PVC Transparent Tubings
PVC Transparent Tubings are made of specially formulated PVC compounds. These flexible PVC transparent tubings are physically tough, abrasion-resistant, non-ageing and self-extinguishing. The Smooth bore of the tubing prevents interior build-up and provides outstanding flow characteristics. The tubings are unaffected by moisture, mild acids, alkalis and offer resistance to various organic/inorganic chemicals. They offer adequate resistance to pressure. However, the working pressure is dependent on temperature, wall thickness and material handled. As the tubings are made of thermoplastic material, working temperatures should be considered for end use applications up to a maximum of 60°C.
Sizes: Flexible Transparent Tubings - Code TT - from 1/8" to 3" I.D. with 1/32" to 1/4" thickness
Flexible Transparent Reeded Tubings - Code TR –in I.D. 1/4" to 3/8". A special size 7 mm I.D. x 13 mm O.D. is available for agricultural sprayers
PVC Translucent Soft Grades- Code TP - in I.D. 3/16" to 1/2"
Opaque Reeded Dark Green Garden Hoses- Code GD – in I.D. 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" & 1"
Tubings with other dimensions and for specific properties and applications can be made against bulk requirements
Features: Include transparent, highly flexible, lightweight, non-ageing, non-hygroscopic, alcohol and oil-resistant
Applications: In conveying liquids and gases in various chemical, pharmaceutical, automobile industries and laboratories for low pressure uses; and garden hose for watering gardens, lawns, tea / coffee plantations, domestic applications and spraying of water/insecticides in crop plantations.

PVC Braided Hoses

PVC Braided Hoses

PVC Flexible Clear Transparent Hoses

Garden Hoses (Transparent Green)
PVC Braided Hoses made from high quality thermoplastic compound and reinforced (braided) with high tenacity synthetic yarn (crosswise - lengthwise). The excellent ply adhesion and bonding between the inner and upper layer of PVC ensures a durable pipe. The braiding gives the hose high strength and resistance to withstand high pressure and elongation. Our production of hoses meets the most stringent operational requirements. Transparent hoses facilitate the location of blockage in use. The smooth inner bore prevents any build - up and offers minimum resistance to flow. The working pressure of the hose is dependant on temperature and is lowered with increase in temperature. Available in various grades as Clear Transparent, Super Spray (Car Washing), Agricultural Pesticide, Green Garden Water, Sanitary, Fire Fighting, Rock Drill, Welding etc.
Features: Withstand high pressure, Light weight compared to rubber hose, Clear transparent, Working temperature up to 60 o C, High flexibility, Long working life and durability, Chemical and abrasion resistance, Excellent ply adhesion, Crush and kink resistance, Opaque if required, Rodent proof

Billion PVC Flexible Clear Transparent Hoses - Code BT
These hoses are available in inside diameter 5mmto 50mm and outside diameter10mm to 60mm respectively in continuous lengths for easy handling. They are suitable for conveying air, water, chemicals, powders/granules, gases etc.
Applications: In pneumatic tools and equipment, compressor, conveying Chemicals, Powders, Liquids, Compressed air / gases, Washing machines, domestic geysers and other appliances, Fire fighting and hydraulic systems, General construction work, road building, tunneling, Spraying of water based paints, insecticides, pesticides etc, Metallic and non-metallic ore mines , Gardening, Horticulture etc., Workshops with chipping, grinding and riveting machines, Supply line for factory water, waste water, drainage, chemicals, lubricating oil etc., Service stations, garages for inflating tyres.
Billion Super Spray Hoses (Car Washing Hoses) - Code BS
These are double braided and suitable for higher, pressures than those of above hoses. Available in I.D. 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm & 12.50 mm in standard length of 60 metres, in yellow colour. They are suitable for high pressure spraying of water, water based chemicals, insecticides, weedicides etc. in plantations, forestry, vineyards, parks, maintenance and agricultural applications using hand or power driven pumps; car washing in garages, service stations for automobiles, high pressure pneumatic lines in mines, compressors, excavators.
Billion Agricultural Pesticide Hoses - Code BS
Available in 7mm I.D. x 13mm O.D. in standard length of 100 meters in opaque, pearl and blue colour. Suitable for spraying water based chemicals, insecticides, fungicides, weedicides etc. in plantations, parks, vineyards, forestry and others for spraying by hand or power driven pumps.
Billion Garden Hoses (Transparent Green) - Code BG
Available is transparent green colour in 3 sizes I.D. 1/2” (12.5 mm) 3/4” (20 mm) and 1” (25 mm). They are available in standard length of 30 meters. Also available are export quality hoses in green / black colours. The applications are in gardens, parks, orchards, forestry, plantations, vineyards, construction work, irrigation projects etc.
Billion Sanitary Hoses - Code SH
Available in I.D. 8 mm, 8.5 mm & 9 mm in crystal clear, opaque white, ivory and black colour in standard length of 100 meters The applications are in bathroom fittings, sanitary connections etc.
Billion Fire Fighting Hoses - Code FH
Available in 12.50 mm ( 1/2" ) I.D. in standard length of 100 meters, in black colour.
Billion Rock Drill Hoses - Code BD
These are medium duty transparent hoses available in I.D. 20 mm and 25 mm in standard length of 20 meters. The hoses are replacing rubber hoses in jack hammer applications in quarries, granite and marble mines, drilling in hard surfaces like rocks, concrete etc. They are ideal with tractor mounted compressors such as of K. G. Khosla, VT4 type of Atlas- Copco
Billion Welding Hoses - Code BW
Available in I.D. 8 mm and 10 mm in standard length of 100 metres, in red and blue colours for identification - red colour for acetylene and blue colour for oxygen and other non-combustible gases. The hoses are suitable for welding by hand and machine, brazing, cutting and other operation in industries, workshops, garages, service stations, refineries, steel mills, ship building, repairs and breaking yards etc
Hoses other than above mentioned I.D. and OD, in different lengths and colours can be tailor made for bulk requirements

Corrugated Pipes

Corrugated Pipes

Corrugated Pipes
Billion corrugated pipes are available in different thermoplastics, like PVC, PP, EVA and others. The choice of polymer is dependent on the specific property desired such as working temperature, fire resistance, dielectric properties, high flexibility, etc. The corrugated pipes are designed to provide excellent flexibility, high rigidity, low weight and a long life. These characteristics render various operations, like transportation, handling and laying even at considerable depths, easy and cost effective. The corrugated pipes are supplied in coils of continuous lengths to enable easy handling and to minimize use of fittings. Various fittings like plug, adaptor, sleeves, and press/screw fittings are available against bulk orders.
Highly flexible, low bending radius; low weight; high ring stiffness-crush resistance; good electrical characteristics; heat resistance; non-rusting & chemical resistance: combustion resistance; long lasting; and easy handling & laying.
Applications: Open & concealed wiring for domestic & residential buildings, office complexes, industries; washing machines as outlet pipes; domestic & medium duty industrial vacuum cleaners as air ducting pipes; water coolers, air conditioners, as drain pipes & for water circulation; sanitary applications as wash basin drain pipes & swimming pool drain pipes; temporary domestic water connections; and traffic signal light, street light, telephone lines, etc.
Sizes: Available in a complete range with outside diameter from 16 mm to 50 mm in standard colours grey, black, white, ivory, blue, green, yellow, red & pink. Pipes in other attractive colours or sizes can be made available against bulk orders.

PVC Steel Spring Hose (Non - Toxic)

PVC Steel Spring Hose (Non - Toxic)
Billion PVC Steel Spring Hoses are made of Plasticised (Soft) PVC fused with reinforcement to a High Tensile Spring Steel Wire in a coiled state ensuring a durable construction. These vinyl flexible hoses are long lasting and are available in non-toxic grade.
Features: Inside / Outside smooth hence low frictional resistance, Soft & flexible makes it easy to bend, Kink resistant due to reinforcement of Steel Wire, High Transparency and excellent clarity, High Resistance to internal pressure, No distortion of pipe due to outer shock.
Applications: Highly Suitable for suction & delivery of liquids, mild solids, As supply inlets & drain outlets to machinery/equipment, Machine tool wiring conduits
Note: Size other than those mentioned below 12mm & above 50mm can be made available against specific bulk orders only

PVC Compounds

PVC Compounds

Cable Insulation & Sheathing / Moulding Compounds

Transparent, Natural and Colored Compounds
Specifically formulated to meet Indian Standards and other standards and are available in a wide range of hardness from very soft to rigid. Quality systems incorporated in every stage of manufacturing-right from raw material procurement and processing to the finished product - assure continuously high quality and reliability of the compounds.
Range Of Compounds:
Cable Insulation & Sheathing / Moulding Compounds
Specially designed for cables meeting various Indian and international standards. They are also suitable for electrical moulded products. Typical applications are for insulation and sheathing of cables, sleevings, tapes, electrical moulded products etc.
Transparent, Natural and Colored Compounds
Available is wide range of shore hardness 'A' from 35 to 95 for transparent, natural or colored extrusion and moulding. Typical applications are tubings, tapes, sleevings, hoses, profiles including refrigerator gaskets, beadings and molded products like gaskets for containers, stationery products, handlebar grips, safety wear like goggles, respirators, shrouds, grommets and others.
Footwear Compounds
Available in shore hardness 'A' from 48 to 72 The grades available are compact, foam, pearl colored and thermoplastic elastomers. Typical applications are for compact, foam, pearl colored footwear. Thermoplastics Elastomers are also available for compact oil resistant footwear.
Non-Toxic / Medical PVC Compounds
Available in various grades. Typical applications are Urine Bags, Intravenous Tubings, Drip Chambers, Catheters, Saline /Glucose /Blood Bags, Containers, Pouches, Face Masks, Funnels, Nozzles, End Caps, Connectors and others.
Bottles & Packaging Compounds
Do not impart taste or odor and are available in various impact strengths. Typical applications are bottles for Mineral Water, Mouthwash, Shampoo: Containers, Blister Packing films.
rigid compounds
Typical applications are pipes for potable Water, Drainage, Chemicals, Films and Sheets, Electrical Conduits, Window Profiles, Siding, Pipe fittings and other molded products. Available in dry blend / granulated forms.
Thermoplastic Elastomers
Billion Thermoplastic Elastomers have low specific gravity, wide service temperature range, outstanding weather and ozone resistance, excellent compression set, need no vulcanization, oil resistance and are recyclable. Typical applications are automobile components, cables, profiles, window gaskets, channels, sleevings, bushings, handlebar grips, grommets and others

PVC Masterbatches

PVC Masterbatches - Electrical Grade Masterbatches
Electrical Grade Masterbatches
Specially formulated to give excellent insulation properties, light fastness, water resistance, excellent dispersion at high speeds of extrusion and require low dosage to give desired colors. Standard colors available are blood red, yellow, green, black, blue, dark/light grey, white, orange, light/dark pink, brown. Typical applications are for cables, sleevings, tapes, electrical molded products etc. Other Colors can be made as per requirements.
PVC Masterbatches for Soft Compounds (Moulding and Extrusion)
Colours as given in electrical grade master batches are available for moulding and extrusion of soft PVC compounds. Other colors can be made as per requirements. Above compounds can also be tailor - made as per specific requirements.

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