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Spearepet Pvt. Ltd. is committed to deliver superior quality PET sheets with improved gauge control that can reduce a thermoformer's raw material costs and increase its productivity. When gauge is held to less than 1% variation, packaging manufacturers know exactly how many trays they will produce per metric ton of PET sheet. State-of-the-art customized equipment used by Spearepet Pvt. Ltd. ensures rolls of sheet are usable from the outer layer all the way to the core. The end result is a PET sheet with superior gauge control, gloss and transparency, providing more rapid cycle times, higher yields, better end tray quality and lower cost.
The plant, with a capacity of 3600 TPA, is equipped with top of-the-line microprocessor controlled equipment from EUROPE with a stringent quality control infrastructure.
APET/RPET sheet is the fastest growing material for the clear rigid plastic packaging of food and consumer products.It is replacing PVC and styrenic polymers, favored for new applications where its clarity, gloss and mechanical toughness make it an ideal material for goods that require from both product protection and shelf impact.
Our value proposition is to deliver the highest quality and most consistent APET/RPET sheet to our thermoforming, vacuum-forming and boxes brand and retailer partners to enable them to achieve the highest level of productivity and yield.



RPET Sheets


PETG Sheets


Metalized Pet Sheet

Recycled Pet Granules/Chips

Vacuumformed Products

Pet Transparent Plain/Printed cartons/Boxes

PET Sheet Color Rolls Printed PET Boxes
Specifications for PET Sheet
PET Sheet are offered in rolls / cut sheet with the following specifications
Thickness Range .15mm - .50mm
Thickness Tolerance +/- 5% (max)
Color Clear, Opaque, Embossed, Translucent etc
Product GREEN PET Sheets, RPET Sheets, EMBOSSED PET Sheets, PETG Sheets, PETGAG Sheets
Options Antiblock properties, enhanced UV protection Co extruded outer layers for specialized application

PET Sheet

• Thermoformed/vacuum Formed Products, Clamshells, Blisters, Stationery Products, Packaging, Folding Box, Pharma Packaging, Circular Blanks for Tags, Garments Packaging, etc.

Recycled PET Granules

• PET Bottles, PET Strapping, Fibers, Mono- Filament Yarn, PET Toys, etc.

APET Sheet

• APET Plain / Printed Cartons

Vacuum Formed Products
• Disposable Containers
• Disposable Cups
• Disposable Glasses
• Clamshells
• Boxes
• Food Trays
• Seedling Trays
• Biscuit Packaging Trays
• Ampoules Trays
• Egg Trays
Vacuum Thermo Formed Products PET Rigid Trays
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