Manufacturers of Plastic Recycling Machines and Injection Molding Machines

Manufacturers of Plastics Recycling Machines and Manufacturers of Injection Molding Machines Manufacturers of Plastics Recycling Machines and Manufacturers of Injection Molding Machines
About RA Agencies
RA SA Technology is a manufacturer of Injection Moulding Machines and molds for a range of diverse industry applications. We are known for our Quality, Reliability, Performance and our competitive cost.
The company manufactures Plastics Recycling Machines as well as Injection Molding Machines for all applications from 50T- 2800T with special emphasis on crates, Plastics Furniture, Agriculture and Sewerage Fittings of all types.
RA is a young dynamic and highly motivated team of professionals, engineers and business managers servicing and meeting a wide variety of plastic processing needs of over 600 customers on a regular basis. Our list of satisfied customers is getting longer by the day and spreading deeper and wider across the country. To service this growing demand we have stationed trained personnel at our Sales & Service offices in 9 strategic locations. Mumbai, Vapi, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kerala with the Head Office in Mumbai. We constantly endeavor to bring down 2 most critical parameters in any business plan/venture, Time and Cost.
We work from identification, sourcing, importing to installing and assistance in commissioning of machines, molds or entire projects on turn-key basis.

RA Agencies - Products

Injection Molding Machines

• HT Injection Molding Machine
• HT Variable Pump Injection Molding-For Energy Saving
• HT High Speed Injection Molding Machine-For Thin Walls
• HT Thermo set Injection Molding Machine-For Thermostat articles
• HT/C Semi-Close Loop Injection Molding Machine
• HT/JC Semi-Close Loop Injection Molding Machine-For precision

Plastic Injection moulding machines

Ancillary Equipments

• XTL Vacuum Autoloader
• XHD Standard Plastic dryer
• XHS Colour Mixer
• XFS Plastic Grinders
• XC WCI Industrial Chiller
• XCM Automatic Mold Temperature Control

Plastic Ancillary Equipments


• Automotive Components
• White Line Appliances
• Crates and Pallets
• Garbage Bins
• Pipe Fittings
• Chairs & Tables
• Household
• Pet & Pens

Injection moulding machines

Extrusion Machinery

• PVC/PP/PE Pipe Plants
• Eco wood projects
• PP/PE Woven bags
• Waste Plastic Recycling and Granulation Machines

Plastic extrusion machinery

Injection Molding Machines | Plastic Ancillary Equipments | Molds | Plastic Extrusion Machinery

Contact Us
Company Name RA Agencies Pvt Ltd.
Contact Person Mr. Gopal

501, Solaris II, Opp.L&T Gate No.6, Saki Vihar Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 072, INDIA

Contact Number +91-22-4093 3100, +919833221934
Contact Number +91-22-6697 3702
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