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A Vision turned into Reality Nitin Industries entered into business as a trading and distribution house in the engineering thermoplastic raw material supply industry. A rare feat in 1977, when the market was nascent and usage was minimum.
The vision of the founders, to successfully cater the booming plastics industry, turned into reality. RUPAL PLASTICS came into existence to focus on the growing supply chain between raw material manufacturers, domestic as well as international and plastic end-users, OEM’s of the plastic fraternity.

With this vision Rupal Plastics played a key role in introducing a wide range of engineering and specialty polymers sources from overseas manufacturers. Their efforts have contributed significantly towards enlarging the market.
Be it metal to plastics or any such transformation from conventional material to plastics, the company has taken a lead to educate and inform users about the versatile use of thermoplastic. In this endeavor Rupal Plastics acknowledges the influential role played by their principal supplier companies such as Dupont, Bayer Material Science and LANXESS ABS.
  Our Principal
Zytel HTN
Polymide (Nylon 6, 66)
High Temperature Nylon
Liquid Crystal Polymer
Mineral Reinforced Nylon
Thermoplastic Elastomer
PC+ABS Blends
Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Absolac® / Lustran®
ABS-PC Alloy
Acrylic PMMA
Transparent NYLON
"TOYOLAC" Transparent ABC
RUPAL PLASTICS can deliver:
Product and application development assistance
Importing specialty polymers as per customer’s demand
Offers pre-colored polycarbonates as per customer requirements
Just-in-time supplies from a host of engineering plastics
Firm price commitment for bulk and recurring requirements
After sales support by virtue of principal’s technical task force
Ready to cater to the demand from the smallest packing size of 25 kg upto a container lot
In-house expertise for prompt delivery to meet the demands of major clients numbering over 300, countrywide
Automotive parts, Gear, Cassette hubs, Door handles, Castor wheels, AC louvers, pens and gas caps
Delrin Polycetal

Switches, Plugs, Wheel cover, Chair bases, Spectale frames, Insulating liners for railways, Nose cones for defence, Vacuum cleaner housing, mono-filaments, Connectors and Radiator end tanks
Zytel Nylon 6/66

Connectors, Motor Housing, Transformer Components
Zytel HTN High Temperature Nylon

MCB housing, Connectors, Capacitor housing, Iron skirts, Toaster, Lamp housing and Relays
Crastin PBT

Watch straps, Transmission gears, Gaskets
Hytre Thermoplastic Elastomers

Domes/Jars for mixers, Electric meter covers, Automotive Head lens, Housings, Spectacle frames, Lenses for prescription eyewear, Sunwear, Electrical switches, feeding bottles and Textiles bobbins
makrolon® Polycarbonte

Radiator grills, Electrical switches, Refrigerator/Washing machine/Vacuum Cleaner/Mixer bodies, Audio-Video & T.V. Cabinets, Gift articles and Suitcases
Absolac® ABS

Automotive Interiors & Exteriors, Electrical Accessories & Electronics, Business Machine parts
Bayblend® PC-ABS

Functional parts in automotive, mechanical & plant engineering, Cable sheathing, Hoses, Shoe soles, Wheels & Castors
Desmoan® TPU

Automotive Head /Tail lamp lenses, Electrical Louvers, Gift articles, Sheets, etc.
LG Acrylic (PMMA)

Kynar® PVDF is used in Solid pipes, Lined pipes, Fittings, Anticorrosive pumps, Valves, Bromine manufacturing plants, Paper and pulp industry, Pharma & chemical plants

Vacuum cleaner parts, Computer housing, Printer panels, Calculators, Electrical & Electronic parts, Tool handle, Stationery
Transparent ABS

Spectacle frames
Transparent Nylon
Contact Us
Company Name Rupal Plastics Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person Mr. Hemant Mehta
Address 8/9, Swami Shivanand Society, Chakala Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 099, India
Contact Number +91-22-2834 9362/7417/2837 0508
Contact Number +91-22-2821 6908
Email rupplast@vsnl.com, hemant@rupalplastics.com
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