For over three decades, Shalimar Pack has been the hallmark of quality in HDPE Blown Films and today we are the pioneers and India's leading manufacturer of  HDPE Carry Bags,Garbage Bags,Liner Bags, Tarpaulin, PP / HDPE Woven fabrics, Cement Bags, Leno Bags and EPS Disposable Dinnerware, EPS Cups/Glasses. ‘Quality', ‘Value' and ‘Goodwill' are the three core words that govern our activities, these define our image, hard work, enhanced qualitative thinking and help us to develop products for customers seeking quality, dependability and excellence.


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Company Name Shalimar Pack
Address 220-F, Atlas Mill Compound, Reay Road, Mumbai - 400 010 India
Contact Number + 91 - 22 - 23739669
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