STARMOULD by Starplast Group

STARMOULD by Starplast Group

Starmould by Starplast Group has been selling high quality refurbished injection and blow moulds to its clients worldwide for over 3 decades. More than 95% of its moulds are of European origin, mainly from Portugal and Italy, and  all injection moulds are made of pre hardened steel, hardness between 30 – 34 Rockwell.

All moulds offered are Starmould's property, and are located in our factory in Israel. Before shipping out moulds to customers, each mould is tested on one of our machines, and if necessary, adjusted, polished or repaired. This way Starmould can guarantee not only the high quality and immediate availability of each mould sold, but also the excellent working condition, allowing the customer to start working immediately after receipt of the mould(s) purchased.
Final samples of the mould purchased can be sent to the customer for approval before dispatch of the mould. 

Larger and more valuable injection moulds can also be rented out to customers for a period of time, allowing the customer to check his market. During the rental period the customer has the option to purchase the mould sent on loan, thus maximizing  the return on his investment.

The full stock of over 3500 injection moulds for machines between 50 and 2800 tons are Starmould's property, and we offer the possibility to show the moulds at work in our plant in Israel to customers who wish to verify the quality and condition of moulds purchased.

Starmould by Starplast Group participates each year  in several international trade fairs for the plastics industry worldwide and also organizes from time to time successful  onsite and webcast auctions selling  its modern line of high quality refurbished injection moulds at very attractive prices.