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Established in 1981 in a modest way, SVP Packing Industry Pvt. Ltd. introduced the concept of POLYETHYLENE RECLOSABLE PACKAGING in India through its brand " MAGIC SEAL ". The product proved to be an instant hit and went on to become the most popular name in the Indian packaging industry. Through MAGIC SEAL bags, SVP weaved itself into the very fibre of every Indian's daily routine.
Since inception, SVP has maintained leadership status for over two decades through a single, simple principle, "SATISFACTION OF EVERY CUSTOMER". The credit for our market leadership goes largely to the minute attention to detail and consistent R&D. The commitment of SVP Packaging towards satisfying customer needs resulted in the development and introduction of ZIPPER PROFILES and ZIPPER PROFILE ATTACHED BAGS in India in 2004. Sheer passion and deep commitment towards society and environment propelled us to work harder to develop and introduce the concept of BIODEGRADABLE ZIPPER BAGS.
With a firm belief in the reclosable concept, we have designed a series of flexible "RECLOSABLE PACKAGING PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS" that are tailor-made for customer requirements. No wonder, today, SVP is the largest ziplock packaging company in India with maximum presence across several cities and towns and the largest market share of the industry. Top
Raw Materials:

Width - 40mm to 600mm
Length - 50mm to 530 mm (inclusive of flap)
38 Microns to 175 Microns
Flexo upto six colours
PP and PE Zipper Bags (Attached Zipper Bags)


Monolayer / Co-Extruded Films
Width - 100mm to 750mm
Length - 150mm to 600mm
(inclusive of flap)
40 Microns to 125 Microns
Rotogravure / Flexo upto 8 colours
PP and PE Zipper Profile (A Bunch of Flexible Zippers) 
Films-Polyethylene Polypropylene Metallised Co-extruded Laminates

PP and PE Slider Zipper Bags

Biodegradable Ziplock Bags
Reclosable bags have a wide of aaplications and are used in almost all industries. Easy reseal ability make the bags convenient to use and hence popular amongst industrial nad commercial users.
Some Industries:

Everday Use:   

Packaging loose parts, Storing manuals
Write on panel for labelling, Transparent / see-through bags for storage of medicines
Store food in refrigerators, Easy lunch bags, Gift bags
Packing garments, Small products like jewellery, hair clips etc.,
Packing cultery, food etc.Top
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Company Name SVP Packing Industry Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person Mr. Saunil Shah
Address Unit No. 21, 2nd Floor, Mahalaxmi Indl. Est., Dainik Shivner Road, Gandhi Nagar, Lower Parel (W),
Mumbai- 400 013
Contact Number +91- 22- 24945116 / 17 / 66351516 / 17
Fax +91-22-24945118
Email sales@svpmagicseal.com
Website www.svpmagicseal.com
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