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The company is continuously upgrading the quality of the manufactured spares and Hardwires. The selection of raw materials, process, mould designs, equipments, all has led to high performance at an economic price. All aluminium components like Bearing Block, Shuttle Body are pressure die-casted in special LM6 Grade material having perfect contours, dimensional accuracy, structural stability and high precision. Machining Process we do is always at its satisfactory stage. The Polypropylene and Glass-filled Nylon based moulded Spares like Levers, Conchoids Roller, Insertion Finger Holder, Creel Assembly, Brake, connecting rod, Pick up assembly etc. are being produced on Advanced Injection Moulding Machines using specially developed moulds assuring accurate sizes and compactness. We have developed and set up our own indigenous Mould Manufacturing facility with latest Mould designing, developing and tooling equipment’s to cater to our requirement of different types of Moulds.
The company in consideration of the high demand of cast polyurethane spares like Shuttle Wheels, Cam Roller, Excentre Rolls, Chonchoid Rollers etc. for the Circular Looms has set up an independent Unit with the latest Cast PU Dispensing Machines. Customized PU raw materials are sourced from Genuine Supplier. We have Five CNC Turning Centres to ensure accuracy & precision within 10 Microns along with Vertical Milling Centre with fourth axis rotary indexing table to manufacture Winder Cams in Steel & Nylon. Through consistent strides in research and development, our Grommet Bands are coated with polyurethane without fibrillation, reinforced with uni-axially oriented Nylon Sheet for high tensile strength, anti-static, high co-efficient of friction. These are precision-cut with Single Stroke Hydraulic System and riveted with hardened spring steel eyelets. For better performance and to avoid shrinkage, these are vacuum-sealed. As such, SWASTIK is enjoying near monopoly in India and a major market share abroad.

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