KK The Little Giant- Specialized PVC Compounds, Thermoplastic Elastomers, PP Compounds

KK Technovinyl Polymers
Kompetence in Kompounding PVC Compounds - Medical, Wire & Cable, Automotive, Footwear
KK Group is a 30 Years old, Bombay based, ISO- 9001 2000, technology driven organization with a pan-Indian presence and a global focus. The driving force of the group is Mr. K G Chandan who is well known in plastic industry & polymer compounding. The group is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of world class polymer compounds and extruded items, in their most modern state of the art facilities at Silvassa and Pune. In all our products 'K' stands as a prefix to denote our group standard and it also epitomizes 'K'ompetence.
Mission: Accepting challenges by keeping pace with technology to meet & exceed the requirement & specifications of our customers.
Vision: We must be a leader in Polymer Compounds for new & innovative products by setting new standards, at an accessible price, through applied research.
Our Guiding Principles: Quality, consistency, Integrity, dependability & fair business practices.
Environmental Planning: Wherever we operate we meet local regulations and comply with the statutory rules.
Developing & processing of technologies in harmony with nature.

The Company makes specialized PVC Compounds, Thermoplastic Elastomer and related compounds & PP Compounds to cater to many industries for various applications.
PVC Elastomer
• Over Moulding TPE
• SEBS Thermoplastic Elastomer
• SBS Thermoplastic Rubber
• Soft TPU Alloys
• Nano Engineered PP Compounds
• Halogen Free Flame Retardant Wire & Cable Compounds
• Thermoplastic Vulcanized
• PVC Compounds Medical, Wire & Cable, Automotive, Footwear

K- Grip over moulding
Thermoplastic Elastomers


K-Prene G - Thermoplastic Elastomer, SEBS


K - PU - Soft TPU / TPU Alloys

• Soft & Dry Feel
• Hardness 5 Shore to A 95
• Transparent
• Oil Resistant
• Styrenic, SAN, ABS, PC, Nylon
• Grips, Knife & Kitchen appliances, Razor Handle
• Handles for Power Tools
• Sporting Goods
  • Soft Touch
• Transparent Grades
• Pen Grips
• Toothbrush Grips & Grip Handles
• Switch, Waterproof Switch
• Eye-pad for Video Camera
  • Elastomer Alloy X- Linked PU
• Oil Resistant
• Liquid & Plasticizer Free
• Soft Touch
• Dry Feel, Matt
• Hardness 75 To 40 Shore A
• Flame Retardant Halogen Free Grades
• Grips, Heat & Oil Resistant
• Jacketing Cables, Coil Cords

K- PP Polypropylene Compound
New Generation


K-Vinyl PVC Compounds - Automotive


Scratch Resistant

• Ultra Stiff & Tough High Modulus
• High Impact
• High Flow, Fast Mold Cycles
• Scratch Resistance
• Low Shrinkage Zero Gap Parts
• Instrument Panel & Bumper
  • Oil and Heat Resistant
• Low Temp Flexibility
• Hi Melt Strength and Low Die Swell
• Low Compression Set, Non Migratory
• Super Flexible Low Shore A 30
• Soft Touch Dry Feel, Matt Finish
• Bellows, Boots, Grips, Protective Covers
• Floor mats, Extruded Profiles
• Weather Strips, Gaskets, Tubing
• Ultra stiff & high modulus, Dull matt looks
• Hi flow, Fast mold cycles
  Low shrinkage
Light, stiff & tough

K-Vinyl PVC Compounds Non Toxic Medical


K-Prene G


K- PP Nano Engineered
Polypropylene Compound

• Adherence to Gmp as per FDA in Clean
• Room Facility, Non Phthalate Plasticizer
• Calcium Zinc Based free from Heavy Metals
• Kink Resistant, Hardness 95 Shore A to 30
• Frosted Surface Effect, Crystal Clear
• Free From Gels and Fish Eyes
• Blood Bags, Pouches, IV Sets, Frosted
• Kink Resistant Tubing, Drip Chambers
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer
• Soft Touch
• Transparent Grades
• Syringe gaskets, PVC free
• Replacements, Elastomeric
• Latex replacements
  • Ultra stiff & high modulus
• Tough, high impact
• Hi flow, Fast mold cycles
• Cost Performance Value
• Hi gloss, scratch resistance
• Low shrinkage & warp age
• ABS replacement

K-Vinyl PVC Compounds
Wire and Cable


K-Flex PVC Elastomer - Hi Performance


K- Guard Halogen Free Flame Retardant
Wire and cable

• ROHS Complaint
• Lead Free Compounds
• Under Water Electrical Properties
• Heat Resistance Up To 125 C
• Low Smoke & Low Flame with Low HCL
• UL Confirming
• Super Flexible Wire, Computer Cables
• Super Slim Automotive Wires
• Flame Retardant Jacketing
• Matt Finish Wires, Cables & Coil Cords
• Appliance Cables, Plenum Cable
  • Based on PVC NBR
• Service Temp -50c to 105c
• Hardness Shore a 90 to A 30
• Heat, Oil, Chemical and Sunlight Resistance
• Flexible, Crack & Abrasion Resistance
• Winding, Mining, Communication
• Marine Cable, Electrometric cable
• Elevator cables, welding cables
  • ROHS Compliant
• Zero Halogen
• UL 94 / Iec 60332
• Smoke Non Toxic & Non Corrosive
• Low Modulus
• Elastomeric Grades
• Wire and Cable

K-Vinyl - PVC Compounds


K-Prene Thermoplastic Rubber

• Super Flexible, Matt Finish and Dry Feel
• Wet & Dry Skid Resistant,
• Low Temp Flexibility 50 C, Abrasion Resistant
• Oil, Fuel, Hydro Carbon Resistant
• Din 4843 & Bs 6159 Specifications For Safety Shoes
• Safety Shoes, Dairy Boots
• Casual Shoes, Sport Shoes
  • Hi Flow Free From Surface Defects
• Rich Looks & Feel, Hardness 75 Sh A to 30 Sh A
• Super Flexible, Crack Resistant
• Abrasion Resistant
Footwear, Soles
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KK Technovinyl Polymers India Ltd.
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022 25642577
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