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Sant Engineering Industries is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of all type plastic machinery having experience of over three decades. Our company strategy to give lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality control, innovations ,technological advancement in plants machinery. we are dedicated in energy saving, cost economics, customer services and satisfaction and environment friendly technique. We have supplied more than 4000 plants to all over India and abroad. We offer the advantage of Best Quality, Competitive Prices, after sales service and strong technical support. Our product Range includes: * Complete Extrusion Lines for Wires & Cables * Complete Plastic Extrusion Lines for Pipes, Profiles, Hoses, Compounding Blown Film, etc
Quality Policy
In this current & completive market situation Sant Engineering industries has established a brand name in our clients & major global players in our sector of expertise. Out basic policy is to handle each & every project/ sale as a different projects and is handled with total transparency in machines with clients input, complete project support, plant installation, service attention sales, competitive prices & latest updates in technology.
Sant Engineering Industry is an ISO 9001: 2000 Company is committed to achieve global leadership position in the wire & cable extrusion lines by catering to different requirements of the clients. We try our level best to understand client requirement & delivering products & services to surpass their expectation with innovation in our products & services & by technological advancements & innovations.
Also, the company believes in constantly inculcating training & developing the skill capabilities & competence level of all employees & sub contractors to international standards of products & services through constant evolution, inspection & verification at different levels.
Our Vision
Our vision & objective is to provide state of the art machines with highest level of quality for our clients with guaranteed performance level. Also, we want to ensure client satisfaction with our fine technical support & follow up

Plastic Machinery
Wire Machinery

Extrusion Lines for Pipe / Profile / Hoses

Sant offers complete extrusion lines for Smooth and trouble free production of rigid and flexible pipes for Electrical conduits, telelink cable covering, agricultural purposes, water sewage supply, chemical and gas applications in PVC, PE. We also offer lines for suction hoses, PE putta pipes, chann

Compounding Extrusion Lines

Sant offers single screw Extrusion lines for fresh compounds master batches, recycling ranging from 50 mm to 150 mm crew diameter & 50 kg to 500 kg/hr. output for various materials * Single Screw Extruder 25mm to 150mm * Pelletisers / Die Face Cutters / Wiper Units * Two stage Extru

Screw and Barrel

We make screws / barrels for any sphere of application single and multi - thread screws in any geometrical version, with mixing or homogenizing zones. Special Applications by nitriding, tempering and Hard Chrome Plating. We have extensive experience with a wide selection of various screws desi


Sant offers single screws extruders ranging from 25mm to 150mm screw diameter for various applications like * wires & cables / pipes & profiles / compounding / blown films / box strapping / mono filament / sutli / rods / sleeves etc.

Grinder / Mixer

We offer wide range of grinders and mixers in various capacity and for various materials.

Blown Film Lines

Sant offers complete lines for HM / LLDPE / LDPE/ HDPE / PVC / PP Films ranging from 25 mm to 150 mm screw diameter and 1 inch to 12 feet wide tubes. We can also supply machines for zip lock bags, PE Putta tubes, HIP Sheets * Extruders 25 mm to 150 mm diameter * Take up units in various

Compounding Extrusion Lines

We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of wire & cable extrusion machines & other plastic extrusion machines, of wide ranging, sizes and specifications, in India . We are backed by a rich experience of 4 decades. Compounding Extrusion Lines Sant offer

Wire & Cable Machinery

We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of wire & cable extrusion machines & other plastic extrusion machines, of wide ranging, sizes and specifications, in India . We are backed by a rich experience of 4 decades. Caterpillar: Sant Caterpillar is full


We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of wire & cable extrusion machines & other plastic extrusion machines, of wide ranging, sizes and specifications, in India . We are backed by a rich experience of 4 decades. Top

Screw Barrels

Sant Engineering Industries offers special designed screw barrels for various applications and for various materials to improve your product, quality and output ranging from 25 mm to 150mm screw diameter. We can also recondition of your old screw barrels of any maker and any application.


The Sant Extruder series comprises machine size with screw diameter 25, 32, 40, 50, 60, 80, 90, 100, 120 and 150 mm for various materials like PVC, PE, XLPE, PP, HDPE, etc. Main Features: * Available in either a fixed or mobile version * High output with special designed screws


Sant Caterpillar is fully guarded and has good accessibility of mechanical electrical and pneumatic parts. The cable tension is controlled through pneumatic cylinders and pressure regulation on each belt is independent and adjustable by a manometer.



Sant Capstan is available in various designs to pull the small sized wire cable of 0.5 mm to 30 mm diameter with 80 to 400 m/minute line speed.

Column Type Stands


We offer column type stands for 1200 mm to max. 3200 mm drums. Special Features Vertical column movement and pile up/down of pay off and take up are motorized no excessive tension on cables. * Variable drive with DC or AC drive * Branded heavy duty gearbox * Hard base * Uni

Portal Type Stand


The Sant Portal Pay off / take up stand is based on a self supported frame which hold two arms where the pintles are mounted. These machines are mounted on a rail system fixed in the floor. Main Features * Quick reel change * Lowering and raising by geared motors * AC / DC Drive

Cross Heads


Specially designed cross leads in various designs like fixed center, manual centering for double coating and triple layer coating.

We provide panels: * AC/DC drive * PTO based temperature controllers * PLC based or touch screen All these are provided as per customer's requirements.



Screw and Barrel


Our special designed screws for the introduction PVC, XLPE, PP, HDPE material for high output. Our Barrels grooved feed types made by EN41B, bimetallic materials

Pneumatic Stand

We offer pneumatic pay off/take up with single or double spool winding arrangement. These are specially designed for high speed lines and for small size wires.
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