Manufacturers of Polypropylene (PP), High Density polypropylene (HDPE), Woven Sacks, Woven Fabrics, FIBC Bags

Manufacturers of Polypropylene (PP), High Density polypropylene (HDPE) Woven Sacks, Fabrics
Neobags Overseas Pvt. Ltd is one of India's premier manufacturers of polypropylene (PP) and high density polypropylene (HDPE) woven sacks and fabrics. These are available in laminated and non-laminated versions. Neobags is a company actively involved in providing specialized contract manufacturing solutions for the packaging industry. With our production experience spanning over a decade, we are in a good position to offer products with quality and reliability from prototype to production in keeping with your specific requirements

“Our passion for integrated and harmonized product solutions focuses our actions toward one common purpose: offering distinctive and exclusive product solutions that reflect the unique and refined profile of our clients.”
“Our dedicated team is committed to responding and guiding your requirements and projects and recommending solutions that are ideally suited to your need. We offer a variety of customized services to ensure a pleasant experience.”
“Analysis, design, implementation and maintenance are key ingredients to our quality first ideology.”
Our Product Range
Our passion for integrated and harmonized product solutions focuses our actions toward one common purpose: offering distinctive and exclusive product solutions that reflect the unique and refined profile of our clients
• PP/HDPE woven sacks/bags from 36 cm to 130 cm in tubular form
• PP/HDPE bags / sacks up to 200 cm wide in side stitching
• PP/LDPE laminated sacks, both internal and external
• PP sheets up to a width of 240 cm un laminated and laminated up to 200 cm
• Ground covers cloth (Black) in Retails Packs as well as Flat Packs
• PP sheets or rolls from 60 to 90 GSM
• Woven & Non-Woven Geo textiles fabric
• FIBC Bags (flexible intermediate bulk containers) and Bulk Bags
• Shade Cloths & Shade nets

Woven HDPE/PP Sheets

HDPE Fabric
Our woven HDPE sheets are available with or without Ultraviolet protection depending on the end use. We have a comprehensive range of laminated and un-laminated fabrics available in a wide variety of colours and widths suitable for skirts and inlets, floor protection, bale wraps, sacks, bags, etc. and all-purpose general packaging
HDPE sheets Laminated with polyethylene
Available in Double Sided laminated Polyethylene in a range of colours and widths of up to 2 meters. Applications include garden furniture and boat covers, ground sheets and general packaging
HDPE sheets Un-Laminated
We have HDPE sheets un-laminated available in lengths up to 4 meters we have a wide variety of colours and widths on offer. Applications include garden furniture and boat covers, ground sheets and general packaging. Suitable for mail bags, sacks, bedding, furniture fabrics and general packaging. Contact us with your requirement

Woven HDPE/PP Sheets

PP Fabric

Laminated PP Fabric
• Applications: Wrapping of paper bundles making bags on automatic cutting & stitching machines
• Specifications: Weight: 55 to 300 GSM, Size: 21 to 150 cms

Clear sheets (Translucent)
• Polypropylene can be produced as a clear, transparent sheet with a nearly optically clear quality
• Custom Opaque Colours, Tints and Gauges are available
• Smooth: A shiny, completely smooth surface finish. Screen-printing or Offset printing on allows for superbly detailed graphics reproduction
• Matte: A slightly textured surface. Matte is the most popular finish for all products, compatible with screen-printing, foil stamping, and ultrasonic welding
• Applications: Wrapping of paper rolls, paper bundles, steel coils, tyres, yarn cones etc
• Specifications: Weight: 50 to 200 GSM ,Sizes: 20 to 210 cms

Silt Fence

A silt fence is temporary sediment barrier made of woven polypropylene fabric. The purpose of sit fence is to prevent sediment carried by sheet flow from leaving the site and entering drainage natural ways or storm drainage systems by slowing water run-off and causing the deposition of sediment of structure. We currently manufacture Silt Fence with reinforcement bands. This keeps the physical integrity of the fabric intact
Silt Fence

Ground Cover Fabrics

Our Ground Cover Fabric will suit you well for your landscaping projects. The woven black polypropylene with Ultraviolet stabilizer acts as the perfect weed barrier for planting areas whilst still allowing moisture through to your vegetables and plants. The unique weave pattern aids in excellent water dispersion which eliminates water pooling. Tough and tear resistant, it effectively controls persistent weeds. Ground Cover can be used inside glasshouses and growing tunnels providing serviceable surfaces or used outdoors for weed-free standing out areas or container grown plants. Our specialty lies in the production of grid patterns. Grid patterns assist with accurate placement of potted plants and facilitates in taking stock. In addition to the black, we can offer 3 colours produced on the new Sulzer 7100 series loom
Ground Cover Fabrics

Special Black & White Fabric

A woven Polypropylene cloth with combined colors; outer color is white (85%) and the inside color is black. The cloth's features are its strength, flexibility and it's blocking of the transmission of light. The white side is used uppermost in order to reflect back the sun's rays onto the plant foliage and thereby improve its growth. The black side is used as a Ground Cover to help prevent the growth of weeds in the paths of garden and plant nurseries. It is used for the growth of plants in soil less medium and other applications, which need the blocking of light and the need for water to pass through the cloth
Popular GSM:   130 GSM to 200 GSM
UV Stability:     As required
Special Black & White Fabric

Woven PP Needle – Punched Premium Ground Cover

Woven needle – punched PP fabric is made of 4.1 oz and 5 oz, and made with reinforced fiber for extra durability and conserves soil moisture, increases growth and prevents unwanted weed from germinating. Colored stripes located 12 inches apart are made for easy plant alignment
• Popular widths: 3 feet to 12 feet
• GSM: 4.1 oz and 5 oz
• Roll Length: From 50 feet to 4200 feet
Woven PP Needle – Punched Premium Ground Cover

Woven PP Bags / Sand Bags

Made from tubular woven polypropylene fabric, Neobags is reliable and sturdy for any kind of storage purpose. Neobags sacks are made from heavy duty polypropylene fabric which makes them tear and puncture resistant. Being Ultraviolet stabilized these bags last longer than ordinary sacks and thus prove to be a better choice over traditional materials such as burlap. These bags have manifold uses ranging from storage to erosion control, or used as ballast aiding better traction on snow covered roads
Neobags and sacks are available in different sizes and can be customized to purpose. Neobags sandbags are ideal for flooding and erosion control, or as ballast bags. Our are made from heavy gauge polypropylene, which resists tearing and puncturing and is Ultraviolet stabilized to last longer in direct sunlight. Neobags sandbags are heavy duty and perform under conditions where ordinary burlap sandbags fail

Shopping Bags

Made from polypropylene fabric, our bags are sturdy and are available in various shapes, sizes and colours. Custom printed with your company logo, it becomes an attractive, low priced advertising and promotional product and can be used as give always at fund raisers and trade shows. We offer bespoke solutions, as per your requirement
Shopping Bags

Garden Waste Bags

These bags are specialised for the collection of green waste. Durable and easy to store these bags score high as opposed to wheeled bins. They allow the green waste to breathe, owing to the perforated weaves typically found in such bags. Neobags Green / Garden Waste bags are available in various sizes ranging from 50 liters up to 200 liters, the standard being between 90 and 120 liter bags. These bags are made from thick green Ultraviolet treated fabrics and come with the option of printing your text details or any other information that you require. Our bags can also incorporate document pockets & different configurations of lifting and tipping handles. These bags can be completely customized as per your requirement
Garden Waste Bags

Box Bags

Made from woven Polypropylene fabric, these bags are used as pallet covers, bale covers, shoe bags, mail bags to name a few

Anti Skid / Anti Slip/Non Slip Bags

Conceived in-house by our research and development, these easy to stack bags are made from uniquely woven polypropylene fabric. Typical plastic woven sacks are suited to packing dense products such as cement, sugar, fertilizer and chemicals. When these bags are filled with bulkier products such as whole pulses or certain food grain, they tend to create a phenomenon called the “pillow effect”. This makes vertical stacking unstable beyond a point

PP Growing Bags

One of the salient innovations stemming from Neobags research and development is the PP growing bag. Made from Black heavy duty woven polypropylene fabric these bags are designed for growing plants in them. Being woven these bags enable water to pass through them and allow the sand to breathe. Being Ultraviolet stabilized these bags last longer than traditional materials. These bags also come with handles making it easier to carry plants and trees around. Neobags growing bags come in various sizes and are available made from black Ultraviolet stabilized fabrics

LDPE Growing Bags

Used for growing small plants and shrubs, Neobags' PE sacks are perforated for the easy passage of water. These grow bags are an economical substitute for plastic plant pots. Each bag is fluted and has bottom holes for thorough drainage. They stand upright when filled with your choice of growing medium. The black plastic absorbs sun rays and heats the growing medium
• They are highly cost effective and a perfect alternative to plastic planters and pots
• Fluted and heavy duty bags ensure good drainage
• Can be placed closer together in comparison to pots

LDPE Sacks

Made from low density polyethylene these bags are ideal for packing aggregate. They can be either translucent for product visibility or made from coloured film where product visibility is not required. The sacks have high tensile strength, are elastic, resistant to cold and are odorless
These bags are also available in clear anti skid weave form enabling easy stacking. Typical uses include the food industry, fertilizers, chemicals and quarry products. Printing for this packaging is available on both sides with a maximum of four colours. The printing method used allows shading through to solid print, enabling sophisticated print designs to promote your product.

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