Bottom Seal Bag

BS 500 Delta / BS 600 Delta / BS 800 Delta

BS 500 Delta / BS 600 Delta / BS 800 Delta

• High Speed up to 200 strokes/min.
• Servo Motor for indexing and Accuracy
• Microprocessor Controlled with Digital Display
• Keyboard Setting for Speed, Size & Count
• Backlit Display for Operating Parameters
• Tension free Web for Strong Sealing
• Photocell Control to convert Printed Rolls

DD 800 Delta / DD 250 Delta

DD 800 Delta / DD 250 Delta
Most commonly used type of Bottom Seal machine in the market. However, this is a high speed Servo Driven Double Decker machine which makes it more productive and efficient than the other type of Double Decker machines available in the market.
The DD 250 Delta machine is capable of running 6 Unprinted rolls simultaneously at a speed of 120 strokes/min thereby giving a production of 720 Bags/min. The sealing system and design is such that the consistency in the seal strength will be maintained and thus a thorough inspection of each stack of bags is not required.
The machine comes with 6 Unwind AC Motor with Variable frequency drive and sensor and each roll is independently controlled which ensures continuous operation of the machine without much Operator intervention. If any of the 6 film breaks due to problem in the extrusion, the machine will automatically stop leading to less wastage.
It also comes with a Auto conveyor which moves forward after preset batch count is reached. The machien will stop for that pre defined period while the auto conveyor moves forward and then starts automatically. This gives very good stacking of bags.

FLK 1000 Delta / FLK 1500 Delta

• Pneumatic Roll Lifting system for Easy loading of roll
• Photocell to convert Printed roll
• Conversion of Multiple Unprinted roll can also be done
• Impulse type wire sealing with Top and Bottom heat
• Auto stacking with clamping for neat stacking of bags
• Air Cushion system for good stacking of Long bags
• Auto conveying system
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