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Automatic Patch Handle Bag Making Machine

PH 800 Delta

PH 800 Delta

• High Speed up to 230 strokes/min.
• Servo Motor for Indexing and Accuracy
• Microprocessor Controlled with Digital Display
• Keyboard Setting for Speed, Size & Count
• Backlit Display for Operating Parameters
• Pre-sealer for extra strength on bottom gusset
• Fitting of patch by heat sealing
• Pneumatic die cut handle attachment

SLPH 800 Delta

SLPH 800 Delta
• High speed upto 80 bags/min
• Two servo motors for indexing and for maintaining tension
• Microprocessor controlled with digital display
• Keypad setting for speed, size and count
• Backlit display for operating parameters
• Pre-sealer for extra seal strength on gusset and top fold
• Edge guiding system on unwind
• Pneumatic die cut handle attachment on patch side
• Reciprocating double lip sealer on loop side
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