Required - UM - 22477 - LAB Banbury For Processing Rubber


Reference Number

UM - 22477


LAB Banbury For Processing Rubber



Product Details

We are looking for:-
Lab Banbury Mixer For Processing Rubber
Chamber Volume:-2.5 - 3.00 litre
Net Chamber Volume:-2.0 – 2.25 litre
Chamber Material:-Hard chrome stainless steel.
Rotor Material:-Hard chrome Stainless steel.
Rotor Speed:-Front rotor: 300 - 350 rpm ;. Back rotor: 300-350 rpm
Friction ratio:-1:1.2 to1.4
Rotor Motor Power:-5.5 kW
Drop Door - Drop Door with pneumatic control.
Heating:-Steam heating
Heating Temperature:-up to 300 °C / Cooling : Water cooling system
Temperature controller Accuracy: ± 1oC
Rotor type:-Four Wing rotor
Batch Temperature°c Measure:-Thermocouple end frame; drop door; Inside chamber.
Ram type:-Hydraulic Ram with keel type plunger.
Ram position indicator should be provided.
Ram Pressure:-1.5 – 4.0 kgs/cm2
Controller:-Programmable PID controller with thyristor.
Hydraulic excellent sealing and dust proof design
Power requirement should be mentioned.