For Sale - UM - 18544 - Kautex KB15 Blow Moulding Machine


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UM - 18544


Kautex KB15 Blow Moulding Machine

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Product Details

Kautex KB15 Blow Moulding Machine- 2 quantity
Machine is rebuilt in 2014
Working hours 12000 and 17000 .
Max. mould width:- 600 mm
Max. mould length:- 950 mm
Daylight opening:- 300 / 800 mm
Max. mould depth:- 2 x 160 mm
Clamping force:- 250kN

Hydraulics :-

Space-saving hydraulic station integrated into the machine frame within easy reach - incl. the hydraulics for wall thickness control and push-out

Controlled movements for mould and push-out

Prepared for 6 hydraulic core puller

All valves, filters and pressure-controls easily accessible for maintenance


Separate air lines for blow air and movements
All valves, filters and pressure controls easily accessible for maintenance
Prepared for 8 pneumatic functions
2 functions for needle-blow
Preparation for parison-sqeezer

Machine controls

Electrical control cabinet, integrated in the machine frame, wired and equipped according to VDE and CE specifications including BBM / Beckhoff “Blow Control”, on a swivelling arm, including:

Easy Operating System with operator guidance and self-explanatory graphics

Flexible 2 up to 100 point wall thickness controller (WDS) with graphic display of actual values and set points

Self-optimizing temperature control, 12 heating zones
Sequence control ( PLC )
Closed loop control for mould
Monitoring of all machine control functions
Recipe and machine data storage internal, on memory stick or on network server

Data logging of operator input and fault logging
Full colour flat Touch Screen with graphic capability for data input
Indications of the extruders and extrusion heads heating elements malfunction on the screen
Interactive help system for trouble shooting with help windows
Tele service adaptor for remote diagnostics via Internet


One 50 / 30 D (50 mm, L/D = 30 D) grooved barrel extruder, including:
Direct drive motor (no gearbox)
AC drive for infinitely variable adjustment of the extruder speed
4 heater bands with fan cooling plus flange heater band
Screw pulling to the front or back possible ( incl. special pulling tool)
Special screw prepared for PA incl. 15% glass fibre

Extrusion head(new)

One FIFO extrusion head including accumulator, approx. 3 litre volume, including:

Wall-thickness control
Cylinder for WDS with special 30 mm stroke


Additional safety system in the semi automatic mode by light curtain
Alarm horn fault for accu overload and oil temperature too high
Additional power socket (4x 220V, 2x 380V)
Take-out gripper