For Sale - UM - 23877 - Calendering Line For Rigid PVC Film


Reference Number

UM - 23877


Calendering Line For Rigid PVC Film



Product Details

Thicknesses of film for printing:-0,08 – 1,5 mm
Standard thickness for printing:- 0,25 mm
Width of calendered film for printing:-2.360 mm
Transparent film thicknesses:-0,10 – 1,50 mm
Standard thicknesses of transparent film:-0,15 – 0,20
0,30 – 0,40
0,55 - 0,75

Number of rolls:-4
Roll arrangement:-F-shaped
Roll diameter:-650 mm
Roll width:-2.850 mm
Material of rolls forged steel
Roll drilling peripherally drilled
Surface profile of rolls 1-2 crowned
Grinding temperature of surface of rolls 1-2 °C 30
Surface profile of rolls 3-4 cylindrical
Grinding temperature of surface of rolls 3-4:-180
Surface roughness of rolls 1-2:-0,06
Surface roughness of rolls 3-4:-0,02
Peripheral speed of rolls:-3 - 60 m/min
Number of drive motors:-4
Max. temperature of rolls:-230
Heating and cooling fluid:-Diathermic oil
Number of heating and coolings units:-4
Hydraulic shifting for rolls:-1-2-4
Roll cross-axis:-3
Roll preloading:-3

Feeding belt with metaldetector
Swivelling conveyor belt
The main bearing supports of roll 4 are
equipped with motorized wheels to allow extraction from the calender

Post – Calender

Take-off and stretching unit
Embossing unit
Take-off unit from embosser
Cooling unit