For Sale - UM - 19354 - Colines 3 Layers Cast Film Extrusion Machine


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UM - 19354


Colines 3 Layers Cast Film Extrusion Machine

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Product Details

Model:- HANDrollEX 1000A
Number of layers:- 3
Film structure:- ABC
Material:- Stretch Film
Film width:- 1000 mm
Speed:- 700 m/min
Output (Kg/h):- 10 tons/day
Extruder 1 Layer ref:- B
Screw diam:- 120 mm
Extruder 2 Layer ref:- A
Screw diam:- 60 mm
Extruder 3 Layer ref:- C
Screw diam:- 60 mm
Die width:- 1550 mm
Chill roll unit:- 960 mm diameter
Thickness controll system
Web guide
Rewinder max reel diameter: 230mm on 3"cores, 80-150mm on 2" cores
Rewinder description:- Suitable for manual and automatic rolls
Additional information:- Duration of winder changeover cycle: 14 sec. Thickness range: 8-40my Range of diam of finished rolls 80-150mm on 2" cores Max diam of finished rolls 230mm on 3" cores Installed electric power: 620 Kw