For Sale - UM - 21981 - American Maplan HDPE Large Diameter Pipeplant


Reference Numbers

UM - 21981


American Maplan HDPE Large Diameter Pipeplant



Product Details

American Maplan 24" -65" Diameter Polypipe Line HDPE Large Diameter Pipeline
Still Installed
150 mm American Maplan Extruder
Dies heads and tooling for 30" - 65" Pipe
Inoex Gage

Kreyenborg Model VT-176 Screen Changer
Midwest Die Head Assembly for PE Pipes:-65" - 24"

American Maplan Vacuum Tank
6 Vacuum Pumps
Two in the first Sleeve chamber,four in the second one.
Six water sprayed recirculation baldor reliance (10 hp ea.) pumps
4 kw Hydraulic moto-pump for tank movement
Double bypassed water filtration

Battenfeld Cooling Tanks
Type K 1651 VA
Weight:-18250 kg

Battenfeld Planetary Saw
Type SU 1651 PX

MidWest MWBS5. OXL Die assembly for PE Pipes
From:-65" to 24"
Multiple setup pin/ bushing configuration