For Sale - UM - 23892 - Colines 3 Layer Co -Extrusion Cast Film Line


Reference Number

UM - 23892


Colines 3 Layer Co -Extrusion Cast Film Line

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Automatic Hopper Feeders
Single Screw Extruder
Bimetallic barrel and Screw
diam. 140mm – 1 no, diam 80mm – 2 nos
Bigger diameter Hydraulic Screen Changers for longer changeover time
Cloeren USA feedblock and flat extrusion die 2600mm
Automatic adjustment by means of thermal blocks
Ffixed internal deckle systems 200mm per side
Die splitting for easy cleaning

Cooling air blade
Chill Roll Unit
Diam 1000mm and 300mm
Width 2700mm
Water Thermoregulation unit
Oscillating Frame

Anti-static bars
Electronic Systems
Equipment for thickness measuring with support structure
Autodiagnosis unit
Automatic chill roll speed regulation for thickness measurement
Corona Treatment Unit
Make Mero, 30 KW
Water Cooled
Automatic Turret Winder, JUMBOWIND
Useful width 2100mm
Maximum unwinding diameter 1000mm
Pneumatic air shafts, additional expansion shaft
Hydraulic trolley for air-shafts extraction

Recycling unit for trimmed edges
Intermediate and final trim unit to be refed into the main extruder

General electric control equipment in air-conditioned container
Supervision system with HMI
Fast Adjust
LC live check
Centralized Control desk of the line

Raw materials: PP / PE
Structure: ABC
Thickness: 15 – 200 micron
Useful width: 2100mm
Air shafts diameter: 6”
Max reel diameter: 1000mm
Max speed of the line: 450 meters / minute
Max Gross throughput: 700 + 200 + 200 = 1100 kg / hour
Max Approx Net throughput on 22 micron 2100mm – 850 kg / hour
Brands: Siemens, Mero, Electronic Systems, E+L, BD PLast, Norgren, Aertecnica Croci

Machine production started in 2014