For Sale - UM - 20510 - Kabra Extrusiontech 200 Kg/Hr Tape Extrusion Plant


Reference Numbers

UM - 20510


Kabra Extrusiontech 200 Kg/Hr Tape Extrusion Plant

Year Of Manufacture




Product Details

Melt capacity 200 Kg/ Hr,
plant working width 900 mm
Operation speed 280 Mtr/ min.

1) 75 mm Extruder
a) Screw 75 mm with L/D ratio 32:1
b) Barrel suitable for above screw; with the heaters.
c) Feed sleeve with hopper & hopper loader mounted on it.
d) Motor – 90 KW, DC.
e) Green Box – Size 250
f) On line screen changer.
g) T-die -1000 mm
h) Extruder frame for assembly of all above items on it.
i) Operating box.

2) Water Quench tank of S.S. – Size 1530 X 1550 X 770
Film guide arrangement from Q. tank to take up unit.

3) Take up unit – 1200 mm
a) Squeezing rollers sets 2 No.
b) Take up rollers driven by chain drive from holding unit.
c) Guide rollers.
All are mounted on vertical frame.

4) Film slitting unit

5) Holding unit
a) Steel Guide rollers – 3 No. (320 mm dia)
b) Rubber Pressure roller – 1 No.
c) Motor 3 HP (A.C.) with drive & coupled to the gearbox.
d) Chain drive for rollers.
e) Operation box on frame.

6) Edge trim recycling unit – Blower 2 HP, cutter 3 HP.
Chips conveyed by pipes to the extruder through a cyclone separator.

7) Hot air orientation oven
a) Size – 1200 X 4000 mm
b) Two air blowers – 5 HP each.
c) Pneumatic arrangement for operation.
d) Electric panel board mounted on frame.

8) Combined stretching & annealing unit.
a) Steel Guide rollers – 6 No.
b) Rubber pressure rollers – 2 No.
c) Motor – 15 HP (A.C.), with drive & coupled to the gearbox.
d) Flat belt drive with pulley arrangement for rollers.
e) Operating box mounted on frame.

9) Aspiration unit – 2 No, each of items.
a) Blower 3.0 HP
b) Aspiration chamber.
c) Suction units with pipe

10) Electrical Pannels.
a) D.C. Motor drive panel
b) Temperature controller panel.