For Sale - UM - 19480 - NGR Recycling Line


Reference Numbers

UM - 19480


NGR Recycling Line



Product Details

Type:- S GRAN 85 HD
Material:- LDPE, LLDPE clean, dry stretch film unprinted
Output: up to 300 kg/h
Installed Power: ~200 kW

Material Feeding:
1. Reel feeder
2. Conveyor with metal detector

Cutter / Extruder:
Cutter Motor 55 kW
Extruder Motor 75 kW
Extruder Screw F85 - 21 L/D
Hydraulic slider for pushing material towards cutter

Screen Changer:
Kreyenborg K-SWE-125
Hydraulic Screen changer for continuous operation (2 screens)

Pelletizer: Hot - condense granules plant with pelletizer, water
bath with heat exchanger & centrifigual dryer
Automatic knife speed regulation

Ait-transportation & storage:- Air transportation with blower to silo including big bag holder

Recent maintenance Major refurbishment took place in 2019, including:
Extruder Screw replacement
Extruder gearbox replacement
Cutter gearbox replacement
Cutter shaft total maintenance (shaft repair, bearings replacement, alignment etc)
Rotary & fixed knives replacement
Hydraulic cylinder (pusher) replacement

All user manuals & drawings included
Set of spares included