Required - UM - 2015 - PVC Calendaring Machine


Reference Number

UM - 2015


PVC Calendaring Machine



Product Details

We are looking for a used PVC Calendaring machine. The machine should be complete from bulk material handlers, blenders, mixer / compounder, and the calendaring, lamination, embossing and wind-up stations. We are looking to produce supported artificial leather, unsupported film and sheeting. We are looking at producing a sheeting / film or fabric of a minimum of 1.45 m to a maximum of 1.65 m. width. Output of the machine should be a minimum of 500 kg / hour by weight of compound squeezed through the rolls. We would like to have at least three choices on embossing rollers inclusive of polish and an oxen skin finish. The roll configuration required is an inverted L with a lamination and embossing station.
Quote inclusive of freight to Harare (Zimbabwe)