For Sale - UM - 21876 - 820MM Lapra Rotoprinting Machine With Lamination & Slitting


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UM - 21876


820MM Lapra Rotoprinting Machine With Lamination & Slitting

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Product Details

Lapra make printing machine
8 colour
820 mm printing width
5 drive
'Mentor' make drives
Accurate tension provided by dancer system
Speed 125
Viewing boards at each printing station
Linear compensator assembly at each station
Has turnbar installed at the 8th station
Has 'tecspan' make Web video system installed with registration Controls at the remote video station itself.
Drying system: 8 HE units
Drying source: thermic fluid concentric tubing based
Ink mixing pump systems for each station
Print repeat: min 400mm
Cylinder circumference: max 820mm
Very heavy, stable and balanced machine construction

Lapra make Lamination machine
Solvent based
820mm working width
3 drive
Mentor drives
Speed 150
50 foot long special
1 coating station
1 nipping station
Drum based rewinder
Edge guiding pneumatic systems at primary unwinder, secondary unwinder and before nip station
Drying: sequential compartments in tunnel
Drying source: thermic fluid based tubing

Lapra make
Duplex Slitting machine
With new bst make optical web guiding system
820mm working width
1 drive
Speed 150

Lapra make
Inspection cum Duplex Slitting machine
BST make optical web guiding system
1 drive
Speed 150

Mamata make Pouching Machine
Center seal, side seal
Dancer system for smooth center seal
Clutch system for seal unwinder
Fuji make Servo drive
Max unwinder roll width:
670mm for center seal
780mm for side seal

Will also give following sets of rubber roll as complimentary with the full unit:
410, 450, 510, 530, 610, 670, 690, 710, 730
And also 'isotex' make 2 lac kcal thermic fluid heater with very low diesel consumption