For Sale - UM - 20710 - PVC Pipe Extrusion Single Screw Co-Rotating Extruder


Reference Numbers

UM - 20710


PVC Pipe Extrusion Single Screw Co-Rotating Extruder



Product Details

Type of machine: Single screw extruder
Application: PVC
Extruder Model: CEMSS-90
Type of construction: Horizontal
Base: MS Fabricated
Arrangement of Drive: Within base and foot mounted motor
Arrangement of controls: Temperature controlled fuji
Drive Type and make: Elect.control feedback & Fuji
Electric Main Motor: 30 HP AC motor
Transmission: Through V Belt
Overload Protection: Current Limit MCB
Speed Control:l Electric stepless
Speed Reduce:r Helical Gearbox
Lubrication Mode: Forced
Heater type: Single Piece, Cylindrical Type with Central feed opening
No of heating zones: 4+1 (Barrel zone + Adaptor zone)
No of cooling zones: 3 (Zone 3,4&5)
No of screws: 1 No’s
Screw Dia: 90 mm
L/D Ratio: 26
Max Torque: 1000 nm appx
Speed Range: 4-45 RPM
Hopper Capacity: 50 kg
Production depends upon type of Material & Article

Chemical mixer Model CEMMM-100
Mixer motor capacity: kW 12
Mixer type: Fan
Material conveying type:Manual
Output: 100-120 Kg/hr