For Sale - UM - 23024 - Ekolinia Washing Line


Reference Number

UM - 23024


Ekolinia Washing Line



Product Details

The kit includes:
UNTHA RS 40 four-shaft pre-shredder,mill,
I pre-centrifuge,
7 meter long flotation tank,
Dewatering centrifuge II,
Cleaning centrifuge III with the function of automatic sieve cleaning.
In addition, the line is equipped with:
W260 water squeezer for foil flake,
Transport fans,
Conveyor belts,
Foil flake / regrind buffer,

The set also includes a PFTE sewage pre-treatment line with pumps and a system of pipes in the line, a screenings press and a transport screw.
The line is adapted to washing polyethylene waste (also from selective collection), polypropylene Big-Bag waste and regrind.

we have a two-stage cascade regranulation line with a mother and baby fi 120/130 agglomerator (cooperating with a washing line).
Agglomerator diameter 900 mm. Agglomerator motor 90 kW.

The first extruder has:
8 heating and cooling zones,
Two degassing with vacuum pumps,
New self-cleaning filter 2 x 400 mm (200 mic filtration),
Main engine and extruder 90 kW
The second extruder has:
4 heating and cooling zones,
Plate screen changer 2 x 2600 mm,
Cutting head for PE and PP,
Main engine II extruder 45 kW.
Line capacity up to 350 kg/h.