For Sale - UM - 22741 - Uflex Recycling Line


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UM - 22741


Uflex Recycling Line

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Product Details

Output:-250 kg/hr
L/D :-33:1
Screw diameter:-100
Control section:-6
Rotate speed:-10-120 Rpm
Cooling method:-forces wind cooling
Lubrication:- forces Lubrication
Belt conveyor
Belt material: PVC, width of belt:600 mm
Plank material: carbon steel
Motor power:- 1.5 KW
Speed control method: frequency control
Metal detector
Material of contact raw material part: stainless steel the other is made by carbon steel;
Stable cutter, rotary cutter.
AC motor power :55 kW;(SIEMENS / ABB / Other Reputed motor)
Measuring temperature and cooling system
Cooling motor power:2.2kW
Vacuum suction loader.
Instruction: Transport the granule additive to feeder.
Feeder for additive ( Specialized System )
Instruction: Single screw feeder, feeding the additive to compactor evenly Motor power:
0.37 kW.Feeding precision:±2%