For Sale - UM - 22249 - Brown R-244 Rotary Twin Sheet Thermoformer


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UM - 22249


Brown R-244 Rotary Twin Sheet Thermoformer

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Product Details

The Brown R244TS is a used 4 station Rotary Thermoformer consisting of a load/unload station, pre-heat, final heat and a pressure-forming station.The machine is designed to form parts 4'* 6' or smaller.

One Brown Model R244 Rotary Thermoformer: (Upraded to R244TS)

Maximum Mold sizes:- 48" (1200 mm) * 72" (1830 mm)
Depth of draw:-24" (610 mm) below sheet line, 18" (455 mm) above sheet line.
Depth of draw is restricted to 9" when substrate forming
Maximum sheet size: add 2"(50 mm) to width and length of mold size.