About plastemart.com

About plastemart.com

www.plastemart.com is world’s leading B2B market place for the global plastics industry. We cover the entire spectrum of the plastics supply chain starting from polymer producers, masterbatches and additive producers, manufactures of plastic processing machinery and auxiliary equipment, sellers of new and used plastic machinery, recycled plastic material, testing equipment, manufacturers of plastic products, rigid and flexible packaging convertors, engineering plastic goods, houseware, furniture, other plastic products, consultants for the plastics industry, traders to the users and buyers of plastic end products.

Plastemart.com has since 2000, grown to be one of the most respected and trusted plastics B2B with viewership from over 107 countries. Click here to view our global reach.

We aim to simplify and streamline the buying and selling process within the plastics industry, offering suppliers and buyers better visibility by sharing information on our global platform. With its global reach in the plastics and its consumer industry we offer Cost Effective Advertising solution to companies helping them lower costs, expand existing markets, reduce customer service time, create more collaborative relationships with trading partners, and most importantly, create new revenue opportunities.

Plastemart.com has an extensive selection of products in its market place, an easy to use interface and comprehensive search capabilities, which makes it the procurement solution for the buyer. In addition, plastemart.com is a treasure house of carefully researched and evaluated content keeping the needs of the plastics industry in mind.

Plastemart also offers a focused Recruitment service for the plastics industry. We offer candidates with specific experience from the industry thus reducing time and cost of hiring and training process. Please visit www.jobsforplastics.com

Successful implementation of an ERP is a herculean task for most plastic product manufacturers. Plastemart.com brings to you PlastERP a custom ERP solution for the plastics moulding industry. Based on Good Manufacturing Practices and the Work Flows common to a moulding shop, PlastERP is easy to deploy, meets the typical demands of the industry and offers meaningful analysis and reports. Please visit www.plasterp.com for more details

Mr. Lalit Shah, Founder and CEO plastemart.com has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and IT. His expertise and experiences include establishing quality systems, modular concept of manufacturing, BPR, e-commerce, DB and logic design in IT and Plastics industry. Lalit has completed his M. S. from Cornell University, U.S.A. with thesis and research related to the Cornell Injection Molding program. He obtained his B.Tech Degree from IIT Bombay. He is also the President of India Gold Medal recipient from IIT.

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8200 mm, 3 layer, Brueckner BOPP line

8200 mm, 3 layer, Brueckner BOPP line