Leno, PP Woven, Biag& Jumbo Woven Bag Manufacturer

Leno Mesh Bags

We manufacture open weaved polypropylene fabric bags known as leno mesh bags for the packaging of farm and agricultural products. These bags ensure proper, an ample amount of and systematic air circulation for any product that is stored in the bag. This ensures the vegetables or fruits placed inside the bags stay fresh for a longer period of time.These bags come with drawstring closures that ensure proper ventilation. It is made from 100% virgin pp polymer material and besides fruits and vegetables, it can be utilized to pack firewood too. Our leno mesh bags are designed with 100% virgin pp polymer material that follows the US FDA regulations for packing and transportingitems.

PP Woven Bags

If you are looking for lightweight but sturdy bags that provide adequate ventilation and are tear-resistant in nature, PP or polypropylene bags are your best bet. These bags are manufactured keeping the highest quality raw materials in mind and are used for the packaging of fertilizers, chemicals, sugars and grains. These bags are produced in a variety of designs, colors and sizes. During loading, unloading and handling, these bags do not slip from your hand. In addition to industrial packaging, they can be utilized for packaging wooden boxes, cloth bales and machinery.

Small Bags

Small bags are basically miniature versions of the usual polypropylene bags. These packaging bags are made to be resilient and 100% reusable. They are low density, light in weight and extremely effortless when it comes to keeping them clean. If you want to store or transport small quantities of flowy or dry goods, small bags are your best bet as they are resistant to stress. These bags are ideal for food, commodity and industrial uses.Also add small bags are for 25 kg and 50 kg material you can fill. These bags are specialy for food grain.cement. polymer,sugar and such type of industrial who want to pack in small small portion.

Jumbo Bags/Big Bags

Jumbo or big bags withstand the toughest of conditions. These bags come with a high storage capacity and are water resistant in nature. They are perfect for the packaging and transportation of dry and flowing products and are ideal for the food production as well as pharmaceutical industry. Jumbo bags do not cause static electricity and safeguard your products from dust, germ, pollutants and other unwanted contaminants. At Satyam Plastfab Pvt. Ltd, you can rest assured all the bags offered to you are put together with the highest quality expertise, professionalism and experience. This ensures you obtain the best benefit and can utilize them for your various packaging and transporting needs effectively.