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Plastic injection molding machine demand continues to grow well in China

Plastic injection molding machine demand continues to grow well in China

In 2010, the global plastic injection molding machine industry bottomed out and presented potential for rapid growth. Sales of plastic injection molding machines exceeded RMB20 billion in China and consistently ranked the first place in the world. Meanwhile, the export value of plastic injection molding machines in Germany increased by 55.2% and reached EUR 593 mln; while output of plastic injection molding machines in Japan doubled to 12,000 units, as per Research in China. The plastic injection molding machines industry in America and Italy also witnessed recovery.
As the largest production and consumption base of plastic injection molding machine worldwide, China performed extraordinarily in 2010, with output and sales volume increasing by nearly 40% and import and export value growing by over 70% year on year. The main reasons were as follows:
firstly, under sound economic development in China, downstream industries including automobile, home appliance, building materials and plastic package recovered strongly;
secondly, capacities were quickly released as they were stimulated by the order boom;
thirdly, with the improvement of foreign trade conditions, exports picked up.
As per another report, plastic injection molding machine is a type of equipment accounting for the largest share - 40% in China and 50-80% in Germany, Japan and the USA - in the total output of plastic processing machinery. The global plastic injection molding machine market has developed at an annual average rate of 3.5% in recent years with the output in 2006 reaching 91,480 and in 2007 hitting approximate 97,250. However, the output experienced continuous downslide in both 2008 and 2009 by 10% and 5% respectively because of global financial crisis. In 2009, the domestic demand market of plastic injection molding machine in China grew steadily yet, the output was increased by 9.2% and the sales volume was raised by 9.0%. The major reasons can be divided as follows:
• The market slowed down in 2008 and the cardinal number of the industry was relatively low
• The demand of downstream industries such as building materials, home appliances and electronic communication was on the increase
• Chinese government adopted a series of significant measures like domestic demand expansion, economic development promotion, industrial revitalization planning, etc
• The nation practiced value added tax reform so as to encourage the equipment investment of enterprises
On the contrary, the import & export market of Chinese plastic injection molding machine in 2009 was not so optimistic, the import and export volumes throughout the year were declined by 49.1% and 39.3%, respectively.
With advantages in energy efficiency and environmental protection, all-electric injection molding machines are widely used in Japan and European countries. The representative enterprises include Nissei, Sumitomo and Fanuc. China's all-electric injection molding machine industry started relatively late. However, influenced by the energy conservation policy, it has been warmly welcomed by the market in recent years. As of 2010, there were more than 10 enterprises engaged in R&D and manufacturing of all-electric injection molding machines in China. For example, Haitian International Holdings Limited, The Chen Hsong Group, Chuan Lih Fa Machinery Works Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Borch Machinery Co., Ltd, GSK CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Sound Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Shuangma Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. etc.
Two-plate injection molding machines have a development history for more than a decade worldwide, especially in European countries, America and Japan. In China, three-plate injection molding machines are widely used whereas two-plate injection molding machines are at the initial stage of development. Haitian International Holdings Ltd is the largest plastic injection molding machine manufacturer in China and even in the world. In 2010, its sales volume of injection molding machines achieved 30,000 units and realized sales of RMB 7.057 bln. Injection machines of Mars series contributed the most with its sales reaching RMB 4.83 bln, up 132% yoy. The Chen Hsong Group mainly concentrates on the manufacturing of large & medium plastic injection molding machines, accounting for over 50% of total production. It had a bad performance in terms of sales in FY 2010, mainly due to the decline in demand for automobile and home appliances. In FY 2011, stimulated by the growth of downstream demand, sales of large & medium plastic injection molding machines gained recovery and further drove sales of the company. In March 2011, Chen Hsong Group was authorized by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co. Ltd. to manufacture and sell large two-plate injection molding machines in mainland China as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, which would further enhance the competitiveness in large scale injection molding machines of the Chen Hsong Group. L.K. Technology Holdings Ltd, one of the key enterprises in plastic injection molding machine industry in China, obtained significant development in three major business fields including plastic injection molding machines, die casting machines and CNC in FY 2011. For FY 2011, benefitting from the recovery of electronics and toy markets, its sales were up 84.8% yoy, wherein the sales of plastic injection molding machines increased 119% yoy. Focusing on the manufacturing of high precision injection molding machines, Guangzhou Borch Machinery Co., Ltd keeps strengthening its new product development ability in recent years. In 2010, it introduced a BS series injection molding machine and BE all-electric injection molding machine. And in 2011, it launched new products including four-color plastic injection molding machines, large scale two-plate injection molding machines, mini foaming machines and in mold labeling machines.
The production of plastic injection molding machine in China takes on conspicuous regional characteristics, Ningbo (Zhejiang) and Dongguan (Guangdong) turn out to be the major production bases of plastic injection molding machine in China and even across the world. Especially Ningbo (Zhejiang), the output of plastic injection molding machine of which occupies a half of Chinese market and enjoys 1/3 of global market shares. Beilun Plastic Injection Molding Machine Industry Base as the core production area in Ningbo is home to dozens of key enterprises including Haitian International, The Chen Hsong Group, L.K. Group, Germany�s Demag and Japan�s Sumitomo Heavy Industries. The sales of plastic injection molding machine in Beilun District, Ningbo in 2009 reached RMB 6.4 bln, accounting for 45% of the total sales nationwide, while the profit hit 50% or so of the national total.
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