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Ethylene removal packaging extends post harvest life, boosts shelf life

Ethylene removal packaging extends post harvest life, boosts shelf life

Ethylene gas (C2H2) is an odorless, colorless gas that exists in nature and is also created by man-made sources. As fruits, vegetables and flowers mature, ethylene gas is released into their packaging environment. In many cases, perishable products (such as fruits, vegetables and flowers) are sensitive to ethylene gas and can ripen or mature quicker when exposed to ethylene gas. In addition, certain fruits and vegetables are high producers of ethylene gas, creating the need to separate, ship or store produce based on their ethylene profile. Shippers of ethylene producing and ethylene sensitive goods can store product without the fear of premature ripening, thanks to ethylene removal packaging.

Ethylene removal pad made from It'sFresh! Ethylene Remover technology extends strawberry shelf-life by at least two days. The pad, inserted into fresh produce packaging, traps and locks away ethylene gas (the fruit’s natural hormone, responsible for the premature ripening and decay of produce in transit). Based on current commercial roll-out, it typically saves around 50% of in-store waste and adds a minimum of two days’ product life. The technology has been shown to effectively remove ethylene throughout the whole supply chain, not only in strawberries and other berries, but also in tomatoes, avocados, stone fruit and pears. Its simplicity makes it readily applicable in both developed and developing world, and emerging markets. Ethylene is the hormone that causes fruit to ripen and then turn mouldy, but tests carried out by Marks & Spencers show a minimum waste saving of at least 4% when strawberry punnets incorporate the small strip of ethylene remover. This saving equates to some 40,000 M&S packs annually- approximately 800,000 strawberries, and is part of the retailer´s commitment to cutting food waste and becoming the world’s most sustainable supermarket. Strawberries packaged with It'sFresh! Ethylene Remover technology will taste better for longer and there is less pressure on consumers to eat them soon after purchase. The ethylene removal strip in the strawberry packs measures just 8 cm x 4.5 cm and does not affect the recyclability of the packaging. The active ingredient in the strip is a patented mixture of minerals and clay that is said to offer over 100 times greater ethylene absorption capacity compared with any other known materials. The strip is non-invasive, non-toxic and proven at multiple temperatures and levels of humidity. The strawberries taste fresher for longer – they will now taste just as good up to six days after they were bought as they did on the first day

Dry Pak’s line of ethylene absorbing sachets, filters and films allow shippers of ethylene producing and ethylene sensitive goods to ship and store product without the fear of premature ripening. By removing ethylene from the storage and shipping environment, growers and shippers can reduce spoilage thereby increasing their profit. These ethylene absorbing packets and filters extend the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and flowers in a packaged or bulk environment. Made with natural occurring zeolites, these products remove unwanted ethylene gas through the oxidation process, thereby ensuring the quality of freshness of the product while in transit or in storage. The Ethylene Absorbing Packets are available in three sizes: 5,10 and 30 grams. Ethylene Filters are available in 3 lb. and 9 lb. sizes.
Advantages offered include:
Eliminates decay, mold, discoloration, wilting, softening, scald, loss of crunch and many other negative effects caused by ethylene gas.
When used during Post-harvest handling, it slows down the ripening process of fruits, vegetables and flowers.
It is non-toxic, chemically inert, can be disposed of as normal waste as well as FDA approved, non-dusting & non-tearing (packets only)

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