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HDPE Agrishade Nets offer higher profitability to entrepreneurs

HDPE Agrishade Nets offer higher profitability to entrepreneurs

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High Density Polyethylene Agrishade Nets for a Higher Profitability for Entrepreneurs � Ms Poorvi C. Desai, Sr. Manager, Business Development - Polymers, Reliance Industries Limited

HDPE Agrishade Nets offer higher profitability to entrepreneurs


The word Agrishade Net is termed for a net which prevents excess sunlight from entering into the plants and to retain moisture levels in the soil for proper growth of these plants leads to an increase in productivity (yield) of the plants.
• Agrishade Nets are the best way to protect your crops against the ravages of nature :
    solar radiation, frost, wind and birds.
•   Agrishade Nets as :
   –  Bird protection net.
   –  Mulch mat (weed control mat).
   –  Scaffolding net.
Advantages of HDPE Shade Net
•   Light Control : Enhances photosynthesis by manipulating the amount and quality of light by means of various     densities of netting.
•   Temperature Control : Improves productivity by moderating extremes of temperatures. Prevents sun burn and frost     damage. The special knitted construction �breathes�, allowing hot air to escape.
•   Saves water upto 60%
•   Saves on fertilizer costs
•   Reduces wind, hail, bird and insect damage to crops.
•   High density polyethylene will not decay or absorb moisture.
•   Ultra-violet ray stabilization prevents degradation by sunlight.
Useful benefits
•   Air movement is restricted, thus reducing wind damage to the crop and evaporation of soil moisture.
•   Air beneath the shade cloth stays humid which is of further benefit to the plant.
•   Shade cloth provides a physical barrier against hail and heavy rain and keeps many birds and insects off the crop.
(Source :
These agrishade nets are made up of high density polyethylene.
Achieving monetary gains with high value-added products coupled with high volume business needs to be looked at by existing processors of HDPE woven sacks. Adding one more product leads to diversification and helps these processors to increase the product mix and would result into a higher average selling price- translating into a higher net profitability. Diversification brings in a lesser dependence on a single product helping entrepreneurs to achieve a higher net profitability leading to a flexibility to offer multifarious products to multiple enduses. This higher net profitability would lead to more number of entrants into this business resulting into a higher profitability for farmers. Using these high density polyethylene agrishade nets by farmers would result into a higher productivity (yield) of plants bringing in a higher net profitability for farmers. One would start thinking about this versatile polymer and versatile plastic product which has helped farmers with a product which offers higher productivity (yield) of plants.
Versatility of polymer capable of producing a broad horizon of plastic products such as high density polyethylene agrishade nets would bring in benefits to both entrepreneurs and farmers. Higher productivity (yield) to farmers would bring in a growth in agriculture sector leading to an economic growth of the country. Also, higher net profitability to entrepreneurs would bring in an Indian Industry with high returns in business.

Agribusiness in India
•   Largest producer of milk, fruits, pulses, cashew nuts, coconuts and tea in the world.
•   Second largest producer of rice and wheat in the world, and fourth largest in coarse grains.
•   Amongst the top 3 producers in the world - Poultry products, - Fruits & vegetables - Spices.
•   One of the largest producer of � Cotton Sugar, Sugarcane Peanuts.
•   25% of GDP.
•   64% Employment.
•   18% of India�s exports.
(Source : CMIE)
Promotion of plasticulture products bringing in a higher yield (productivity) of plants helping Indian Industry to a grow at a fast pace. Plastics in agriculture involves products such as mulch film, drip irrigation pipes, raschel bags and agrishade nets helping entrepreneurs to include more number of plastic products into their business.
Agribusiness in India

(Source :

(Source : http://www.punebds/tl.asp)

In 2007, globally, India was No.1 producer of fruits (accounting for 32 mln tons out of 370 mln tons of fruit production in the world) and No.2 producer of vegetables (India�s share is 71 mln tons out of the 473 mln tons of vegetables produced in the world). Hence a huge potential exists for HDPE Agrishade Nets which needs to be tapped in our country. (Source : http://www.punebds/tl.asp)
Assuming 1 Acre cultivated land requires 6000 sq mts of HDPE Agrishade Nets or 1 Hectare requires 15,000 sq mts of HDPE Agrishade Nets and assuming 140 gms/sq mt with 75% shading and 75,000 hectares in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka amounts to a potential of 1,57,500 tpa.
Net Cultivated Area in India is 1420 lac hectares.
Assuming only 0.1% market penetration for HDPE Agrishade Nets, 1.4 lac hectares based on the above internet statistics, Potential for HDPE Agrishade Nets in India is 2,94,000 TPA. (Assuming only 0.1% of Net cultivated area and 1 Hectare requires 15,000 sqmts & 140 gms per sqmt with 75% shading)
(Source: http://Land Use in Southern States.htm, http://PACS Programme backgrounders and discussion papers on poverty in India.htm,

Plastic processing machinery, a link between polymer and plastic product brings in versatile machinery capable of producing more than a single product on the same machinery. One such machinery is a tape extruder which can produce both agrishade nets and woven sacks from the versatile polymer, high density polyethylene. With an additional investment in knitting machines, existing high density polyethylene woven sack manufacturers can manufacture high density polyethylene agrishade nets and high density polyethylene raschel bags.

(Ms Poorvi C. Desai, Sr. Manager, Business Development - Polymers, Reliance Ind. Ltd.)

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