• Rising demand for packaged food and pharmaceutical products in growing economies such as China, India, Turkey, Poland, Brazil and Mexico is driving the global market for Plastic Films and Sheets. Food industry is the largest consumer of plastic films and sheets in packaging sector, followed by pharmaceutical and medical packaging. Demand is on the rise from non-packaging applications such as the agriculture industry. Asia-Pacific market shows huge potential, driven by the rising middle class in China and India. However, developed regions such as North America and Europe are experiencing slow growth. Read more in Plastic films & sheets market to reach 70.9 mln tons by 2018 led by demand from food & pharma packaging, agricultural films
  • World demand for pharmaceutical packaging products will increase 6.4% pa to US$90 bln in 2017. Plastics and polymers dominate as the key raw material in the pharmaceutical packaging market. While plastic bottles and blister packs take topmost positions in the pharmaceutical packaging market with more than 35.8% share by value; maximum growth in the near future is expected to come from pre-fillable syringes & inhalers, medication tubes, vials, labels and accessories. Plastics and polymers are fast replacing other raw materials such as glass and metals due to its ease in design, excellent barriers properties, and cost-effectiveness. Read more in N America, Europe, Japan account for over 70% of global pharmaceutical packaging - World demand to rise 6.4% pa through 2017
  • The fastest growing markets in the global medical device packaging segment include India, Mexico, China, as well as Africa/Mideast countries. USA, Western Europe, and Japan will continue to account for almost 60% of the total market, but demand will expand below the average global pace. The US will continue to be the largest market for medical device packaging, while gains in West European and Japanese demand will also benefit from new product introductions, upgrading of government and industry standards. China will provide the largest and broadest sales opportunities due to burgeoning domestic and export markets for its medical goods. Read more in Global medical device packaging demand to rise 5.9% annually through 2017
  • Upgradation and and enforcement of infection prevention standards, coupled with an expanding volume of hospital, surgical and outpatient procedures, will aid growth in the global demand for disposable medical supplies. USA, China, Japan, Germany, Russia, France, India, Italy, UK and Brazil will comprise the 10 largest national markets. To know more about the factors that will spur growth, the regions that will show better growth, those that will expand at a below average pace, the major disposable medical supply product segments, the segments projected to command above average worldwide sales growth, etc, read Global demand for disposable medical supplies to rise over 6% through 2016, by over 4% in USA
  • An artificial muscle that can lift loads over 100 times heavier than human muscle of the same length and weight has the potential to replace motors in many uses, particularly robotics, and enable new technologies. This has been made possible as an international team has unmasked the hidden superpowers of humble sewing thread and fishing line. The innovation is applauded for the ability shown in operating robustly over millions of cycles. However, some suggest that another innovation- an electroactive elastomer artificial muscles being commercialised recently, are more likely to be successful than heat-responsive ones. Read more in Artificial Muscle made from fishing line is 100 times stronger than actual muscle
  • Global market value for plastics in building & construction is anticipated to be worth US$45.6 bln by 2016. While Europe accounts for more than 30% of the market, US accounts for the largest share of the global market value on a country basis. Interestingly, India and Japan surpass the US in terms of anticipated growth rate. Among the end-use segments, the growth drivers are insulation, pipes & ducts, doors & fittings. The most widely consumed resin is PVC followed by acrylics. Read more in Global building & construction plastics market to reach US$57.51 bln in 2019