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Mold sealers form micro-thin, thermally stable surfaces that are chemically bonded to the mold surface sealing micro porosity. Some of the new products result in multiple, contaminant-free releases and reduced manufacturing costs, can be either sprayed or wiped on the surface, maintain stability at temperatures of as much as 400°C, seals micro porosity and fills minor scratches on the mold surface resulting in a smooth, high gloss surface. Read more in
Over the years, the rate of plastics recycling in the United States has increased, reaching 2.1 million tons by 2009. Ways to reduce the amount of plastics landfilled and complement mechanical recycling are being sought by recovering the energy value from the millions of tons of post-consumer plastics that are currently being landfilled. Since plastics have an energy value higher than coal, landfilling of non-recycled plastic wastes constitutes a loss of an important energy resource. To know about the progress made in recycling plastics and the obstacles in recycling some plastic packaging, read
Engineering plastics will continue to witness strong demand globally, driven by a turnaround in demand in electrical, electronic, automotive industries. Growth will also be supported by expansion of application areas beyond the conventional. Environmental concerns are playing an important role in influencing the development of engineering plastics leading to development of alternatives made from soyabean, corn and linseed. To know more about the rate of replacement of traditional materials, different grades and types of engineering plastics have been developed, per capita consumption, the fastest growing market worldwide, etc, read
Several new developments in polymer composites were presented at a recently concluded event. Some of them include a versatile, high-performance fire retardant polyester, wetting and dispersing additives and coupling agents- that improve the performance of the finished pallet part, N-Fusion continous filament nylon surfacing veils designed for pultrusion, diamond-plated saw blades for cutting composites, USDA BioPreferred-certified plant-based epoxy system, super core materials for the marine and wind markets, fiberglass reinforcement, fast air-curing semi-permanent mold sealer and release. Read details in
The incorporation of nanowires inside polymer as a bulk hybrid solar cell has launched new opportunities for the development of next-generation systems. One-dimensional inorganic nanowires inside polymer provide direct paths for efficient charge transport, and scientists have responded with a range of designs. Another new development in the field of solar technology is tinted solar panels capable of converting 8% of its collected light energy into electricity. Read more in
The printed electronics industry is set to grow by billions of dollars over the next 10 years. Currently, the latest technology in manufacturing allows for printing materials directly onto a surface to create electrically functioning devices which are very thin and flexible. The process however is very tedious, and the resulting devices become vulnerable to outside chemical phenomena, thus the need for an extra isolating casing. The first completely plastic solar cell has been developed along with evaluation of the polymers’ performance in organic thin-film transistors and OLEDs. In another study, newly developed highly conductive fibers combine the properties of metals and plastic organic polymers which are commonly used to conduct electric current, and see applications in several fields ranging from electronics to architecture. Read more in
A novel material has been developed, which when scratched changes along the damaged area. The crack disappears and the material reverts to its clear colour when it is exposed to heat or light. This new class of plastic is designed to overcome a critical flaw of plastics- Once damaged, plastics are very hard to fix and often just have to be replaced. The material could be used to make scratch-free laptops and cell phones, and paints and coatings, automobile and aircraft parts. Read more in
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