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Plastic additives market can be classified into four segments - plasticizers, property modifiers, property extenders and processing aids. Plasticizers lead, followed by property modifiers. PVC, which is used in the construction industry, will witness a resurgence leading to a corresponding increase in the demand for plasticizers mainly used for PVC. Read about market trends affecting the plastic additives market in the major regions of the world, growth drivers, restraints and revenue analysis and forecasts, in
The global market for functional additives and barrier coatings for plastic packaging is set to grow well with growth of electronics, electricals and the snack-foods market. The market segments with the best development prospects are epoxy, SiOx, carbon and PVOH coatings, and anti-fog and antimicrobial additives. CAGR of the combined additives and coatings market is much higher than the predicted growth of the packaging market. To know about the types of coating and additive, end-use sectors, key market drivers, the segments with development prospects, trends and technological developments, factors expected to drive the predicted growth, etc, read
Plasticizers fulfill a large number of functions including and influencing elasticity, viscosity, light fastness, fire safety and other polymer properties. Although their main application is as a component in formulations, plasticizing substances are often used in the care and cleaning of units and machinery for producing plastic. Phthalate-free plasticizers have been growing in demand due to legislative initiatives in developed markets such as North America, Western Europe and Japan. This trend is now also being seen in emerging markets around the world such as Latin America. Read about few developments in
Phthalate-free and lead-free plasticizers that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been developed to meet growing demand for more sustainable options. Tested to perform under exacting requirements, they meet regulatory requirements for flame resistance, reduced carbon footprint, safe end-of-life disposal, CO2 emission equivalents. These flexible compounds can be customized to suit a wide variety of applications such as coatings and adhesives, hose and tubing, wire and cable, gaskets and weather stripping, furniture, wall protection systems, food packaging, medical products, etc. Read more in
A project of a 12 member consortium has secured almost 2,000,000 of EU funding to develop quality assurance tools and procedures for plastics recycling processes targeted at food contact applications. Project results will accelerate the development of new recycling processes for the wider food contact materials market and provide quality assurance for converters and end-users of recycled product applications for food contact thereby overcoming barriers and expanding this high value recycling. Read more in
World plastic pipes market is projected to reach 7.6 billion meters by 2017. Long term growth in the market clearly underlines a shift in balance towards the emerging markets, driven by heavy infrastructure investments and rise in construction activity. New product developments and application areas are expected to further facilitate market growth. Consumption of smaller-volume plastic pipe products such as ABS, GRP and PP pipe, will expand at an above-average pace, as end-users get more familiar with their technical characteristics and performance features. To know about the growing applications, end use sectors, regions driving growth, etc, read
Robust growth is forecast in the global plastic films and sheet market, driven by burgeoning demand from end-use markets, competitive advantages over traditional paper and foil, and technological advancements. Changing consumer dynamics, particularly in the food and non-food packaging industries, economic recovery, and growing prominence of developing Asian, Middle East and Latin American markets will further accelerate the pace of development. Read more in
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