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Although shale gas has been produced for over 100 years in USA's Appalachian Basin and Illinois Basin, most of time the wells were marginally economical. Higher natural gas prices in recent years and advances in technology have made shale gas wells more profitable. The increasing shale gas production is likely to boost ethylene production by 6.6% by the year 2021. To know about the factors influencing growth of shale gas production, the markets representing high growth rate, production technologies, major drivers of shale gas market, controversy and challenges, read
Hybrid cars save fuel by the use of lighter, space-saving gasoline engines, coupled with batteries and electric motors that boost performance without adding much weight. Lead primarily by steady growth in US and Japan, the hybrid car market is growing slowly. Designers of hybrid vehicles rely on plastics and plastic-composites to help reduce weight and boost fuel efficiency, significant savings in mass and tooling investment, advantages in parts consolidation, corrosion resistance, improvements in noise, vibration and harshness. Read more in
Since the introduction of Ingeo™ in 2003, NatureWorks LLC has been dedicated to driving environmental progress through developing the global market for bio-based plastics & fibers. Ingeo™ innovations are designed to offer a better choice because they come from renewable resources. A conference was organized to reflect the maturing market for biopolymers. Among the highlights were sessions on Successful Integration of Ingeo into existing manufacturing facilities, new product developments, blending & additive approaches to tailoring performance. Read in
Growing public awareness and increasing customer interest in bio-based plastics has led to development of several grades of polyamide from renewable feedstocks. Superior performance compared to the standard polyamides PA6 and PA66, dimensional stability and better resistivity against numerous chemicals, ease of processing, a wide range of working temperatures, low density; are some of the characteristics of the grades of polyamide developed from castor oil. These bio based engineering plastic broaden the use of polyamide to technically advanced applications while reducing their ecological footprint. Read more in
Bio renewable polymers are growing well as a sustainable option for traditional hydrocarbon-based thermoplastics. However, they suffer from performance limitations in terms of impact and aesthetics. They are also susceptible to degradation and loss of properties during processing and reprocessing. Several new additives, including impact modifiers, mold release agents, UV absorbers, anti-static agents, etc, help overcome these limitations. Additives enhance the physical properties and aesthetics, impart enhanced functionality and increase the potential for bioploymers to be considered for a much broader range of applications. Read in
Styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) is a versatile and cost-effective polymer modifier. As the benefits of it's use become known, we see its increasing use as an additive in acrylics and ABS as well as other thermoplastic systems. They can improve performance of ABS and PMMA in terms of thermal stability, widening processing window, better adhesion with other molded parts of different polymers, better paintability, easy plating ability. Read more in
Demand for polymer composites in the infrastructure sector is driven by requirements of design flexibility, lighter, stronger, more corrosion resistant materials that require low maintenance. Use of composite materials in bridges is meeting the need for lighter-weight structures that are easier to manufacture, easier to deploy and with a longer life. Read in
Researchers are in the pursuit to develop materials that, when used in hybrid and electric vehicles, will make them lighter, more compact and more energy efficient. This will enable drivers to travel for longer distances before needing to recharge their cars. A prototype multifunctional structural composite material composed of carbon fibers and a polymer resin which can store and discharge electrical energy and which is also strong and lightweight enough to be used for car parts is being developed. Read in
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