• In the current packaging environment, flexible packaging is an important packaging solution for a saturated industry, playing a vital role in protecting and extending the shelf life of end-products. Food, beverage, personal care products and pharmaceutical industries are the most important constituents of consumer packaged goods. Modest growth is expected in North America and Europe, while changing consumer preferences and high disposable incomes in APAC economies drives the end-use market. 13 countries have been identified as emerging flexible packaging markets. The major driving forces include strong GDP growth, high population growth, market liberalization, continued urbanisation, growth of mass retailing, etc. Read more in Global flexible packaging to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% till 2018 with growth thrust from 13 emerging markets
  • The common applications where electro-active polymers are used include batteries, actuators, sensors, capacitors, solar cells, EMI & ESD shielding, electrostatic paintable plastics, corrosion-resistant coatings and organic light emitting diodes. EAPs are also used in the field of robotics in the development of artificial muscles. Medical devices had the largest market share in 2012 followed by haptic actuators, adjustable apertures for cellular phones, high strain sensing in construction, smart fabrics and digital mechatronics. To know about the sector that will maintain the lead, the sector with maximum growth, the region with the largest market share, the growth areas, etc, read A US$2.5 bln opportunity for electro-active polymers by 2018 led by conductive plastics
  • Growth of polyurethane is driven by its application as an insulating material in a world that is moving towards energy efficiency in buildings, transportation and electric devices. Asia Pacific, West Europe and North America are the growth regions. Geographical analysis shows the highest CAGR of 8.6% is foreseen from Asia-Pacific region until 2016, followed by Europe at 8.1% followed by the Americas at 7.1%. Rigid and flexible PU accounts for nearly 30.4% of the overall market share; while coatings and adhesives products stand at second and third positions. To know about the growing applications, factors driving growth, growth forecasts and growing regions, the challenges faced, etc, read Global demand for Polyurethane to rise with growing need towards energy efficiency
  • Healthy growth is forecast in the global medical polymer market, driven by increase in life expectancy. Medical polymers find application in implant market, medical imaging, medical devices and equipment, packaging, cardiology stents and tissue engineering. Estimates show that by 2050, over 16% of the global population would be over 65 years of age, resulting in higher demand for home healthcare treatment. To know about the growing applications, the key segment for the market, the highest consumed resins and fastest growth in the resins and fibers segment, the largest application segment, the region that is largest consumer of medical polymers, the dominant markets for medical polymers and the fastest growing market, read Global medical polymer market will grow from to over US$3.5 bln in 2018
  • Micro molding is defined as any plastic injection molded component that has been manufactured with geometric features that are defined in tolerances measured in microns. Growing demand for micro molded products from various end use industries such as medical, automotive and telecom coupled with cost advantage offered by polymers used for micro molding is expected to drive the market. Read more in Global polymer and thermoplastic micro molding market to reach US$763.6 mln in 2019
  • Spray polyurethane foam is the king of building materials for multitasking. Rigid polyurethane foams can be used as insulation for buildings, water heaters, refrigerated transport and other types of commercial and residential refrigeration. SPF has also been used for many years as a high performance roofing system for application in aerospace, mine shaft plugging, taxidermy, movie/theatre sets. It is an environmentally friendly and durable material. Spray foam provides insulation and air sealing benefits that can help strengthen buildings and make them more durable during the upcoming hurricane season. Read more in Spray Polyurethane foam can help make buildings stronger, more durable