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Despite a poor global economy, the biodegradable polymers market grew in 2009 and will continue to expand. In 2009, demand for biodegradable polymers in North America, Europe and Asia accounted for most of the global consumption. Total consumption of biodegradable polymers in these regions is forecast to grow at an average annual rate of nearly 13% over the five-year period from 2009 to 2014. The single-largest end use for this material will be the food packaging, dish, and cutlery market, and will also be a major growth driver in the future. Read in
Engineering polymers are capable of high performance in a variety of environments. Their greatest asset is a combination of high strength and light weight—characteristics that allow these high-value, specialty polymers to replace metals in many different applications. Such qualities make engineering resins suitable for diverse applications, with the largest markets including automotive, electrical/electronic and industrial products. To know about the consumption of ETPs in various regions across the world and their application in the E/E sector, read
A common tool used to in the procedure to clean extruders is an acetylene torch that unfortunately, affects the metallurgical properties of the base metal of the screw as well as closely machined screw tolerances. Plastic processors often clean screws wrongly, causing serious and expensive damage. A more efficient alternative to blow torching is to purge and clean the screw immediately after use. Read more in
Medical devices are those products that are used for medical examination, surgery or treatment of patients. Despite the global financial turmoil of 2008 overall market sales of medical devices was positive. Medical device companies are reporting positive growth in 2008 that has continued through 2009. Read more in
Despite having 60% of the world population providing large market potential, Asian healthcare expenditure constitutes only 15% of the global healthcare expenditure. Faced with an increasingly ageing society and rising healthcare costs, countries in Asia Pacific are expecting cost-effective medical devices to be developed by local companies. Read in
Advanced microlayer feedblock technology, used to put multiple alternating layers into specialty films is being used to make stretch films with alternating synergistic pairs of materials in microlayers to give higher strength. The result is slightly higher throughput because of the two additional extruders and slightly higher properties because of the ‘plywood effect' of all the layers. Read more in
Government regulations and directives, along with consumer demand for more environmentally friendly materials have compelled the plastics industry to use non halogenated flame retardants. As flame retardant chemicals are becoming increasingly important to control fires, standards and regulations are becoming increasingly strict. The European Commission has now stipulated for the plastic industry to use RoHS2. RoHS2 places obligations on each party in the supply chain. Read more in
Expandable microspheres are used worldwide for a large number of applications of thermoplastics with the goal to reduce the weight of the final product and provide it with a very fine and extremely uniform cell structure. Microspheres can be used in all standard processing methods for thermo set and thermoplastic composites, including extrusion and injection molding, and have found a range of applications as diverse as simulated wood furniture and lumber, fiberglass-reinforced core materials, automotive brake components and engineered syntactic foams. Read more in
Rigid polyurethane foam has qualities that enable it to be used in a wide variety of multi-functional building products which combine insulation with load-bearing, sealing, impact resistance, weight and space-saving, together with ease of maintenance. A concept for slim line windows and facades with excellent insulating properties that cut heat losses by around 50% compared with the solutions currently on offer. Read in
Polyphosphonate polymers that are non-halogenated, phosphorous based polymers and have the highest Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of all commercial thermoplastics have been developed. Tests also show that in certain polymer systems, improved mechanical properties such as heat distortion temperature can result. Read more in
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