• Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) have become an important part of highly dominant end-user markets and their high market growth is driven by substituting rubber and PVC in various applications, discovery of new applications that demand evolving TPES and demand from the automotive sector. Advances will be driven by ongoing product innovation by manufacturers and compounders, allowing these materials to penetrate new applications. TPEs will continue to replace metals, thermoset rubbers and other thermoplastics because they offer easier and faster processing as well as functionality in demanding environments. Healthy growth will also be fueled by advances in emerging markets, which will benefit from increased adoption of TPEs over competing materials in applications such as adhesives and industrial components. To know more, read Advances in global thermoplastic elastomers market to be driven by ongoing product innovations
  • Composites are made up of two or more materials with different properties, which are combined to exhibit unique characteristics. Typically, composites are made up of two major components- a polymer matrix like epoxy, polyester, phenol and polyacrylic; and a reinforcing fiber material like carbon, glass and aramid and polymer resins. These polymer composites have applications in the aerospace and aviation, automotive, electronics, energy, and marine segments. To know about the market size by end of decade and its growth rate, the key market trends and growth drivers, the challenges to market growth, opportunities and threats faced, etc, read Global advanced polymer composites growth to be driven by rising demand from aerospace industry
  • The increase in demand for lightweight and fuel efficient materials or advanced composite materials, rising need for safety and security, and growing demand from the transportation industry is projected to increase the need for specialty synthetic fibers gradually. Protective equipment, safety applications, ballistic protection and automotive industry have the largest application of specialty synthetic fibers and glass fibers. The global market is estimated to witness high growth from North America and Europe due to rising advancements in the end-industries. The commercial, marine, medical, sporting goods, wind energy, pressure vessel and reinforcement materials industries are the other significant applications for glass fiber and specialty synthetic fiber market. Read more in Protective clothing, reinforcement materials, ballistics to drive growth of global glass and specialty synthetic fibers market
  • Continuous fiber thermoplastic (CFT) materials are used in a variety of markets such as transportation, sporting goods, industrial goods, aerospace and ballistic, which have been the market drivers in the recent years. However, CFTs are even finding their way into furniture, fastener, medical, marine and other applications. The critical success factor for producers will increasingly be not only about developing new products at low cost, but development of application-specific, customer-focused solutions. The biggest hurdles at manufacturers end are immature manufacturing base, high capital cost and weak material knowledge. Among the main challenges is reduction in R&D and further capital investment to increase CFT production, hindering growth. Read more in Continuous fiber thermoplastics to be driven by increasing penetration in aerospace and automotive
  • High elasticity, shear strength, grease resistance and low temperature performance make Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) an idyllic material for automotive applications. The global TPU films market is expected to register significant growth on account of increasing application in automotive industry. Growth of major end-use industries such as building & construction and transportation, as well as growing preference for TPU films in medical devices is expected to complement market growth. However, this market is bound by stringent regulations amid growing concerns about adverse environmental effects that could restrain growth. Development of bio-based TPU could provide growth opportunities. Read more in Growing penetration in automotive industry to drive global thermoplastic Polyurethane films market