Mamata Extrusion Multilayer Blown Film Lines

Mamata Extrusion Systems – We are “Mamata Group” Company and global leader of Multilayer Blown Film Lines. We have already 100+ successful installations with our presence in more than 20 countries world-wide.

Our Vegaflex(Advantage) Three Layer blown film lines is proven equation to bring conversion cost down and productivity up. These Lines can be offered for Output range of 250 – 425 kg/hr. without Internal Bubble Cooling System (IBC) and Lay-flat width up to 2000 mm without compromising the film quality.

We offer MEX(FLEX) Series 3 Layer Blown Film Lines for Width Range up to 3000 mm, Output up to 800 kg/hr., Layer Thickness ratio from 1-1-1 to 1-8-1, and lines can be offered with integration of Line Automation, Ancillaries and Auxiliaries. We also configure lines for Customised Applications to produce what you want to Sell...

For Barrier film & POD applications, at present more than 1000 T/Month of Barrier film is produced on Canadian Technology Dies from 7 Nos. Lines already installed in India. MES Barrier film & POD Lines with Stackable Dies for 5/7 Layers can now be offered globally in continuation to India.