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A renewable resource of naturally precipitated CACAO3 for economical performance enhancement of plastic

A renewable resource of naturally precipitated CACAO3 for economical performance enhancement of plastic

An ultra-pure mineral with a unique crystalline structure has been discovered.. The minerals are created constantly as part of a unique ocean cycle on the Bahama Bank and represent a renewable resource of naturally precipitated calcium carbonate. Oshenite® is oolitic aragonite, an economical performance enhancer of plastic. The mineral exhibits dynamic bonding potential in plastics applications due to its unique crystalline structure. It can replace more expensive plastic resins at up to 50% loads, and as a renewable resource, the brand offers both sustainability and performance while reducing overall costs. Oshenite® application means less plastic and lessened dependence on finite resources.

As the tides change on the great Bahaman Bank, cooler waters rich in CO2 rush into the turbulent shallow shoals where a rapid heating of the Caribbean waters occur. The warmed seawater cannot release the dissolved CO2 fast enough into the atmosphere which leads to an increase in carbonate saturation. The Carbonate ions combine with Calcium in a solution that envelops nuclei suspended in the water. The nuclei consist of microscopic particles of organic and inorganic matter that the solution crystallizes on. This process forms an oolite which is in the shape of an egg. These egg shaped oolites that form can be covered by several layers of the solution until they fall to the shoal floor forming oolitic aragonite, a bed of ultra pure minerals. This process appears as a white mist, scientifically known as "whitings". The cycle happens continually birthing a renewable resource which is the source of Oshenite®. This unique mineral, exclusively found on the Bahama bank is ultra 97-99% pure and has physical characteristics unlike any mined or manufactured precipitated calcium carbonate. The natural processes that create Oshenite® oolitic aragonite sequester CO2 constantly as it continually regenerates. This means its carbon footprint is much lower than traditional mined calcium carbonate whose carbon content was formed millions of years ago. The whitings precipitation forming the ultra-pure oolitic aragonite occurs only in the shallow turbulent waters of the Bahama Bank and not near coral reefs. It takes approximately a year for the oolite minerals to mature to harvesting size adding close to 20 mln tpa to the over 1 bln tons currently in reserve.
The minerals' unique characteristics allow manufacturers to increase the percentage used by two to three times compared to traditional mined mineral fillers and can reduce overall plastic resin needed by up to 50%. Offering improved production efficiencies and decreased energy usage, Oshenite® also improves physical and performance characteristics allowing for down gauging and source reduction. Its use enhances performance such as:

  • Reduced processing temperatures
  • Faster cycle times
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Higher loads provide possible down gauging because of increased stiffness
  • Improved stress cracking
  • Same or improved drop impact resistance
  • FDA approved

Manufacturing Benefits include :

  • Purity allows for significantly higher percentages of Oshenite® carriers to be used compared with mined calcium carbonate replacing higher cost plastic resins
  • Homogeneous dispersion improves processing, product performance and quality
  • Sustainable Naturally Renewable Resource with lower carbon footprint offers environmental benefits
  • Material offers consistency of color, quality and performance from order to order
  • Unlimited supply with stable pricing
  • FDA approved for food contact

It disperses evenly in both master batch and processing offer manufacturing benefits and improved material consistency. Finished product quality and consistency (film, containers, packaging, etc.) is improved due to purity and even dispersion during processing. In PP, PE and PS carriers with up to 80% load. Proven applications include blown film, injection or blow molded products, thermoformed sheeting and EPS foam. As a naturally created ultra-pure ocean mineral, Oshenite® is recycable. As a product component in plastics applications it does not affect the recycling process. It offers improved clarity compared to mined calcium carbonate.

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